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all black lingerie Jasmine Lennard teases holiday-bound boyfriend Cristian with kinky lingerie

INSTAGRAM all black lingerie RED HOT: Jasmine showed off her racy underwear collection

Miss Lennard lingerie two piece has been dating rapper Cristian ever since they met briefly in the BB house, and, judging by their social media accounts, have basically been joined at the hip.

But Cristian left his girlfriend today for two black one piece lingerie weeks to go holidaying in Turkey, leaving Jasmine with idle hands, a phone and a whole lot of raunchy lingerie.


Dressing up in lingerie two piece a black mesh bodice, frilly knickers and heels, Jasmine showcased her derrière in the naughty undies.

black one piece lingerie INSTAGRAM LOVEBIRDS: Jasmine showed Cristian what he'll miss while he's away

After a follower complimented her booty, the 30-year-old said: "Thank you. I'm little thing but I really do have a big ass."

No matter how hot Turkey is, we're guessing Cristian got even more flushed upon seeing this snap.

Jas gushed about her man: "Boo Sad times Two whole weeks without my @CristianMJC", to which the reality TV star replied: "Go get a kitten instead."

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