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Former Hawthorn star Sam Mitchell wont say whether Jobe Watson deserved to lose his Brownlow Medal. Tyler Blackett Jersey .But he and Richmond captain Trent Cotchin never considered knocking back the joint award after the AFL officially stripped Watson of the 2012 Brownlow for his role in the Essendon supplements saga.In this game I guess you accept the umpires call, Mitchell said during a press conference with Cotchin on Thursday.Were both very proud to be Brownlow Medallists.Were not going to go into (whether Watsons sanction was appropriate). Thats not for us to decide.The pair, who were originally runners-up to Watson for the AFLs greatest individual accolade, will receive their medals in a private ceremony next month.Cotchin was holidaying with his family in Noosa when he received a nervously-anticipated phone call from AFL chief Gillon McLachlan on Tuesday confirming the leagues decision.We were waiting for a four oclock call from Gil and we wondered whether he had a watch, Cotchin joked.Its mixed emotions. Were still playing now and its been a four-year process but we still have won the most prestigious individual award in different circumstances. Its definitely something well reflect on post-career moreso.Mitchell was sitting in his backyard with his young son on his lap when he learned of the news.Theres a lot of things that have happened in the past that have got very little to do with us, he said.But when Ive got my son sitting there and I get a phone call saying youre a Brownlow Medallist, Id be lying if I (said) it was not a joyful experience to share that with my family right at that point.Theres a lots of awkwardness in the way its happened but hopefully from this point on we can put that side of it behind us and just take it for what it is.Neither of the winners have spoken to Watson since Tuesdays AFL Commission decision but Mitchell says he feels a great deal of empathy for the Bombers veterans father, Essendon great Tim Watson.I dont know Jobe at all. I dont have his phone number or anything like that, Mitchell said.Particularly as a father, I feel for Tim. When I look at my son, if he was going through something like Jobe is going through, youd be heartbroken for him. So theres that aspect but I dont feel its my place to reach out. Matty Willock Jersey . "Trying to breathe," he said with a grin. Bernier stopped 42 of 43 shots on Monday night, including all 22 in a hectic middle frame, his heroic performance propelling the Leafs toward an undue point in their final game before the Christmas break. Guillermo Varela Jersey . Pert has formerly spent time as an assistant coach with Cardiff City, Coventry City, and Bahrain mens national team. "Martyn is a highly-respected coach with experience at the top levels in England," said Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson. . And when it opened, every player was at his stall. Thats a sure sign that a team is in a slump and is searching for answers. "Its embarrassing to be at home and play the way we did," said defenceman Josh Gorges. Time, as a wiser man than I once said, is the author of authors. No matter how fast we run in the hope of outpacing it, it always catches up with us. This is because it is attached to our heels with elastic. And it always has the last word, just as it does the first.Cricket also has an elastic view of time, packing its excitement into barely a quarter of the actual minutes available. In Test match cricket, each ball bowled is in motion for between six and 12 seconds, with the important bit, from hand to bat, taking up barely an entire second. A typical hours play, containing, say, 13 overs, thus involves barely 15 minutes of action, of which around two minutes are ball to bat to field. They also serve, as Milton would say.And yet, within this game of contradictions built on dichotomy, this game that challenges us on every level, forcing us into unnatural positions, demanding fluidity when for the greater part of every match the entire field is almost entirely still, within this game the great players appear to manufacture their own time. Time is the umpire of umpires, if you like.Its no wonder that when we are struggling with our personal game we explain it in temporal terms: we cant time the ball; the rhythm in our run-up has gone. It even works for keepers: a mistimed take bounces out of rather than buries itself into the glove.I was once at a milonga, an organised event where you dance the tango, where tradition has it that the women choose their partner for each dance. I noticed one gentleman, maybe in his late fifties, who was in high demand. He danced a simple dance, little more than the basic walk of tango, but he was obviously preferred over the younger and flashier leaders, all leg flicks and twirls. I asked one of his partners why he was so popular (even though I thought I had it nailed), and the response was that he just felt better. Id been watching his feet, however. The reason he felt better was because he knew where the beat was. This meant that his dancing partners could predict when his feet were aiming at, which made for a dance in which coordination was total, where two dancers merged into one. The others were merely there or thereabouts.But cricket revolves around the ball, and specifically getting the ball to bend to our will rather than somebody elses. And to do that we need as much information about it as possible. In fact, we need to predict where its going to be at any given time in its trajectory. Only in this way can it be propelled to just the right length, hit with just the right amount of force into just the right gap, clasped at just the right moment. This is exactly wwhat happens when playing music, only the ball is the groove. Luke Shaw Jersey. When you play music (by which I mean contemporary popular music; classical music, with a conductor, is a different kettle of fish), the living and breathing heart of the music is the drummer, for they define the groove, they create the contingent time in which the music exists. For the ensemble to work, each instrument must find its place within that time, as asserted on the drum kit. The bass, for example, will find its home in the kick drum, not played at the same time, but inside the drumbeat. The bass must make the kick drum play a note. In similar fashion, the guitar must make the hi-hat or snare play a chord. For a drummer to play at their best, they must be balanced, relaxed and confident in every stroke. They must feel themselves inside the beat and avoid second-guessing their instincts. The best drummers produce a groove so big, so fat, that each beat acts as though it has its own gravity, with the default placement of a note being in the exact centre of each beat.It is this knowledge of the beats precise centre that allows the ensemble player freedom to make a rhythm that is irresistible, a rhythm so simple, so beyond mere precision that it enters the realms of inevitability. From this place, the note can be placed a little in front of the beat, a little behind, on top, underneath... the player controls the note, and thus the music.And so it is in cricket.When a bowlers run-up goes, the suggested fix is invariably technical, but what is needed is for them to tap into how it felt when all was dandy. They must feel like the drummer - relaxed, balanced, confident. They must feel that the ball is part of them, on a string, as is said of Jimmy Anderson when hes in the groove. The game is not the time to practise but just to kick back and play.For the batsman, the process is the same. As you wait for the bowler to deliver the ball, so you tap into the feel of the game, allow your body to connect with it, and as the ball traces its arc towards you, your instinct knows where the centre of the ball is. Then control is yours. Play it early, play it late, play it spot on. Close the face, open the face, show the makers name. Whichever you choose, the ball will obey.Cricket is all about timing, and timing is not technique, its feel. Perhaps, just perhaps, if we learn to feel differently, to trust our instincts to place the ball, bat or gloves just so, it might just help us to slot back into the groove. Wholesale Authentic JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap NFL Jerseys AuthenticCheap Jerseys 2018Cheap Nike NFL JerseysWholesale Jerseys 2020Jerseys From China ' ' '