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As summer is coming to an end, students in Europe and United States have begun to prepare for back to school. Among the supplies needed to return to school, senior grade students prefer to cool high-tech products such as portable computers and smartphones, especially the iPhone accessories, while the interest in fashion is weaker. In response to this phenomenon, market research firm The Source survey shows that, like Canada and some European and American countries, 53% of students are willing to use and share with friends technology products, and some of these products may be beyond everyone's expectation.


Melanie Raposo, a technology expert at The Source, says that in addition to the two technologies mentioned above, big size headphones are also a favorite product for students in shopping season and nearly one-third of students plan to buy. Of course, what are considered as back to school necessities also includes a laptop (74%), 70% of students required to have an iPhone, 30% requested to buy a large headset. Raposo said that fashion clothing in the past is the necessities for students when return to school, but now students are more interested in technology products. As for the use of these technology products, in addition to research and complete homework, but also used to keep in touch with friends and entertainment.


During back to school season at least 80% of American adults have heard of smart products, according to the survey on (over 18 years old) adults’ willingness to plan for the purchase of smart devices in the United States. And more than 40% of Americans are familiar with these products while some of them are using these products. Of course, on the levels of purchase intention, the smart phone is highest of 39%; followed by the notebook and tablet, respectively, 28% and 27%.

It is expected that from 2016 to 2020, the global Apple accessories market compound annual growth rate will reach 4.6%. China's demand for Apple accessories will maintain a good momentum of growth, this is because the high popularity of smart phones in China, coupled with the fact that Is expected in the 2016 to 2020, the global Apple accessories market compound annual growth rate will reach 4.6%. China's demand for Apple accessories will maintain a good momentum of growth, this is because of the high popularity of smart phones in China, coupled with the fact that Chinese consumers more and more prefer to the brand Apple, so as to promote the sales of Apple accessories. China's Apple accessories market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%.


Globally, the demand for Apple accessories is expected to be affected by the growth of Bring Your Own Device. In emerging markets weak distribution channels have always been a problem for iPhone accessories manufacturers. However, the fast and high popularity of online shopping providers and sellers who are opening up new distribution channels promoted the sale of Apple accessories in emerging markets. The steady growth of these markets is expected to compensate for the weak market demand in the US and Europe.


The popularity of online shopping sites and mobile phone applications will facilitate the sale of Apple accessories in Asia. As same as Asia, stable online selling is helping Apple's sales in Brazil and Russia. These factors contribute to the overall development of the global market. Future Market Insights, a provider of market intelligence and consulting services, believes that there are no clear standards for parts and technology that are responsible for price and product differences. In addition, counterfeiting, pirated products in many developing countries is rampant, and reduce consumer demand for Apple accessories.


Future Market Insights report, iPhone mobile phone screen protector film will continue to be top of the most popular consumer accessories. IPad case and iPad screen film is expected to be lucrative product type. Overall, these three products accounted for more than 50% of the global market share in 2016.


The North American market will continue to be the best-looking market. In 2016, North American Apple accessories market size is up to 1.93 billion US dollars, of which the US market accounted for 1.38 billion US dollars. Future Market Insights estimates that the North American market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% by 2020. The report also said that the European Apple accessories market in the next four years will own annual compound growth rate growth of 4.0%. However, it is expected by the end of 2020, in Southeast Asia, Apple's accessories market growth compared to Europe and the United States will be relatively slow.


With the suspected iPhone 8 design exposure, the public ignited the expectations for Apple's new generation of products. Although on iPhone 8 reported that the price will be surprisingly expensive, and even analysts said that together with the growing price of Apple parts. But be honesty to admire that price is never a problem for so many firm supporters of Apple! The demand for Apple accessories still maintains a good momentum. Especially in China, in view of the popularity of smart phones in China, as well as the Chinese people's preference for Apple's brand, China's Apple accessories market is expected to 8.5% compound annual growth rate of growth.


Although for smart watches, game consoles and other equipment purchase intention is lower than the smart phone, but there are still nearly 1/5 of the Americans expressed willingness to buy within or after back to school sales season.



It’s season again to annual return to school, which also brought an overseas shopping climax of back to school shopping season. Whether it is foreign retailers or Cell Phone Age com such a Chinese cross-border online shopping seller all are gearing up to meet the arrival of back to school shopping season. In recent years, students are increasingly inclined to online shopping, which also extended the period of shopping season.


From the recent reports of foreign media learned that during this year the United States back to school shopping season, in addition to hot sale perennial pants, retro sports shoes, strapless, multi-function notebook and U disk are also very popular among students. These best selling goods have led to the highest shopping spending in recent four years.


The current market size of back to school sales

Back to school shopping season is the second largest in the United States, it is the peak period of purchase of clothing, shoes, electronic products and backpacks and other school supplies, but also the main driving force to promote retail sales and profit growth. In July this year, return to school shopping sales increased by 2%. This year's return to school shopping expenses will reach $ 75.8 billion, much more than last year's back to school shopping expenses of $ 68 billion.


According to First Data show that in July sales of electronic products and home appliances increased by 5.5 percentage points, which is the largest growth in past four years. Tablet PC, U disk and other electronic products sales are doing well. The office supplies retailer Office Depot spokesman said tablets like Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 and notebook computer is to stimulate the growth of electronic products sales. In additional some schools require students to use U disk save homework files, which also contributed to the growth of U disk sales.


In order to attract students, Cell Phone Age launched a special electronic products and home appliances coupons. Chris Cui the CEO of Cell Phone Age online sales also used promotions to stimulate the sale of phone accessories and parts. As the new iPhone 8 will be released soon, Cell Phone Age has listed several new models of iPhone 8 cases on sale. Besides iPhone screen replacements, digitizers and refurbished iPhones are also very welcomed among college students. Consumers still pay more attention to the price this year more than the brand. Cheap items such phone shell, earphone and wireless speakers are the hottest products this year. "While revenue is growing fast, people are still frugal," said Chris Cui of Cell Phone Age.


Which are there effective back-to-school marketing strategies?

Choosing the right marketing path is important to ensure that a successful return shopping season is created. From the recent reports of foreign media learned that even if when the school has not yet on holiday, marketing staff has already begun for the September new school year to prepare promotions stock. Related data shows that more than half of researched consumers will start to back to school shopping by the end of July and early August, which means that sellers still has time to do a key part of the "back to school marketing strategy" - to seize the main influence on targeted customers.


In the back to school season brand promotion, the kid star is the most influential. However, this influence is not limited to "children to children". Surveyed on parents this year found that more than a quarter (27%) of them would buy their own children when they saw a star wearing a product. As the survey is located in the UK, the most fashionable influential stars among children include: North West, Suri Cruise and Blue Ivy Carter. Will be at the age of 3 in June North West quickly became the spotlight of father and mother in standard, also considered as the children's "fashion icon."  


On guiding parents’ decisions to buy, Facebook is one of the most influential platforms. Cell Phone Age com survey shows that nearly 1/4 of parents when buying things for children will ask the SNS platform for advice. Instagram's image sharing feature makes it an effective medium for displaying products, and users like to find a shopping inspiration for their own personality and lifestyle from friends and "network reds". On Instagram network celebrity have a unique association with consumers, because people's participation is very high. And establishing a cooperative relationship with one of them may be the best way of brand back to school marketing.  


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