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  With the high demand of AMOLED display, the manufacturers adopt this new technology in smartphone, TV and tablet. At first, most of the suppliers give up this idea. Now, with the increasing development of smartphones Samsung launched, the AMOLED is becoming more and more popular among the smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, what on earth the Samsung’s AMOLED technology is?


  Samsung sells its own line of smartphones, so banking on competitors to introduce competing products with AMOLED displays appears to be counterproductive. But Samsung is thinking big picture. It has put its focus on its manufacturing and research and development. If AMOLED-based devices do saturate the market and become standard, Samsung will remain the largest supplier of AMOLED displays, making money off every one sold. During CES 2012, it became apparent that LG and Samsung would be the leading manufacturers of AMOLED TVs. Samsung will rely on LG to help popularize AMOLED TVs.


  Apple products have dominated the smartphone and tablet market in the United States, but Samsung has begun eroding Apple’s market share and has already overtaken Apple in the Chinese smartphone market. Like LG, Samsung sees Apple as both a competitor and a vital ally. It has been closely monitoring Apple, and was long aware of the iPad 3 launch (and the allegedly pending launch of the 7-inch iPad mini). The report makes it apparent that there’s a rivalry between Apple and Samsung, but the Korean company’s bet on AMOLEDs will pay off if Apple decides to build its next generation of products with AMOLED displays.


  First, Apple is hesitant to rely on Samsung, which would be the only manufacturer and supplier that could even come close to Apple’s demand for AMOLEDs for its iPhones. (On the other hand, it was recently reported that Samsung was the sole supplier of Retina Display screens for the new iPad, after Sharp and LG Display couldn’t meet Apple’s expectations.) Economically, the use of AMOLEDs is more feasible for Apple’s iPhone line than for the iPad, and in fact may be slightly more affordable. Since flexible AMOLED panels will be at least 1mm thinner than current LCD panels and use less power, batteries can get bigger to last longer without recharging.


  While Samsung has a burgeoning smartphone, tablet and TV business, its priorities clearly extend past devices that carry the Samsung name. The company’s smartphone and tablet businesses are arguably a means of saturating the market with products that use Samsung components, which in turn set the standard for other tablet and smartphone manufacturers. We all know that the smartphone is completely relying on touchscreen interface. So the screens on your smart devices are the most significant part. At present, the AMOLED and LCD technologies are popular.


  LCD screens produce some of the most realistic colors you can find on a screen, but might not offer as wide of a contrast ratio (darker darks and brighter brights) as an AMOLED screen. AMOLED screens can be extremely thin and do not require a backlight. The benefit of losing a backlight is readily apparent: these screens are able to produce blacks so deep that the screen pixels can shut right off. There are pros and cons for each type of screen, and both screen technologies can produce vivid, beautiful displays. The only way to know for sure if the screen on your future device will satisfy you is to try it out for yourself. You will be able to easily see if the screen viewing angles, contrast ratio, and color reproduction will fit your needs after using the phone for just a few minutes.


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