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  The LG V10 add some valuable changes and interesting design compared with the former version of the smartphone. Do you know the light bleeding on its second screen? This topic may sound compelling. Today, I’d like to introduce the LG V10 to you in details. If you haven’t noticed this phenomenon, you can check it in this way. Bring your LG V10 to the dark room and take a look at the edges of your second screen when the main screen is off.


The LG V10 has two screens, one of which is an enormous, high-resolution beauty we can’t stop staring at, and the other isn’t. The 5.7-inch main panel is a larger version of the G4’s Quad HD display, and it’s stunning. Bring the brightness down to about 50-percent, choose a dark wallpaper with splashes of color, and revel in its gorgeousness. Play some video, and it’s even better, with strong contrast, incredibly bright colors, and lively tones.


  There is a multitude of changes. The first one I’ll address is the size. The V10 is significantly larger than the G4, and well in the phabletcategory. It is also larger than the Note5 despite having the same 5.7screen size. But the reason for that isn’t bezel, it’s because LG has a couple extra hardware features above the main display dual front cameras and a 2.1secondary screen.


  From a quality perspective, the displays are neck-and-neck. You have to nitpick on the details to pull away from the differences. And it ultimately comes down to the advantages/disadvantages between LCD and OLED panels. Blacks are surprisingly deep on the V10, for an LCD. But a fine-tuned eye will notice the backlight. I don’t mean light bleeding, I mean the faint hue of the backlight when black is displayed on the screen. When you come from an OLED panel (where only lit pixels show light), the non-true blackness is more apparent. Another difference is in color richness/vibrancy. Relative to the Note5, colors on the LG panel look flat/dull. Mind you, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s more a matter of user preference. Some folks may like a more natural look to images. The V10’s panel would then your cup of tea. When Samsung fires up the brightness in situations like this, the color accuracy degrades – Samsung figures that at this point you’ll care about seeing what’s on the screen than accurate colors. To me, the V10 is the winner outdoors. One of the V10’s stapled features is the additional strip of the screen above the main display, which provides quick launch shortcuts (more on that soon). From what I can see, it is a continuation of the main Quantum display, so the quality is fortunately consistent (the resolution PPI is also maintained). However, being that it is butted up against the cutout for the front cameras, you can see a light-bleeding effect at the border.


  It’s less visible during the day, but at night it may be bothersome to some people (especially being that the second screen is always on). Using an AMOLED panel would be advantageous in a case like this. There really isn’t much you can do about this. A lot of people have suggested that there are differences between models based on manufacturing, but others claim that every LG V10 has this issue because of the separate backlight for the second screen (which should only come on when the main screen is off). Sometimes the light bleed is really noticeable, sometimes it isn’t, and it might be in the top left corner or on the right. For that reason, you might get an LG V10 handset with less bleed if you exchange it, but there’s obviously no guarantee.


 If you own a LG V10, that means you have a powerful camera at your hand. It has the dual camera, which is impressive. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Note 5 both boast 120-degree front-facing camera sensors. It’s great for bringing in a bunch of friends or family members for a group selfie. But it’s absolutely unnecessary when you’re just trying to take a picture on your own. While, The V10’s dual front-facing cameras let you switch between 120- and 80-degrees, so you can switch between the individual and the group selfie. If you prefer owning this wonderful camera, this smartphone is really a nice option you can choose.



  The dual camera, displays, and impressive design make this smartphone more attractive. But the light bleeding issue is significant, too. We need to pay more emphasize on this tough problem. It is indeed a small defection. We have theGrade O+ LG V10 LCD display assemblyprepared. If your screen met some problems, you can do it by yourself or replace it. Because we have screen digitizer replacement as well as a set of free tool. If you have any further problems, we will give you the money back warranty as the alternative in 180 days.  



  The LG G5 is a series of its flagship smartphone. It adopts the new technology. It’s a gamble LG is playing on its most premier, best-selling handset. Actually, the LG G5 is one of the most extraordinary cell phones. It is popular among the public due to its dual-camera system on the back. This feature captures a kind of persons. The G5 is LG’s first all-metal smartphone, despite that, it doesn’t actually seem like metal at all. In addition, LG has decreased the display size from 5.5 to 5.3 inches. The narrower profile does improve ergonomics of the device and makes one-handed use relatively easy. Those are the main reasons which keep LG G5 special enough in the smartphone kingdom.


There have been a number of reports about some issues with the LG G5 display. Some owners are reporting an unacceptable level of backlight bleed, with bright patches appearing at the edges or corners of the display. There are also some reports that the picture distorts or blooms when people press on the display. These complaints suggest some build quality or QA issues with the first wave of G5 handsets to hit the market.


  In this part, I’ll illustrate the highlights the LG G5 possess. The first one is the display. The LG G5 is packing a 5.3-inch QHD (2560x1440) IPS Quantum display with a pixel density of 554ppi. The display is sharper than the one in the G5’s predecessor, as the size of the panel has been decreased from 5.5 to 5.3 inches, hence increasing the pixel density of the display. The viewing angles are great, with no color shifting whatsoever. And the color reproduction is pretty solid as well, but I found the saturation level to be a bit on the low side, and there’s no way to adjust the color profile under settings. The panel itself features deep blacks, but as it’s an LCD, it does suffer from brightness leaks, especially from the top and the bottom. Also, this time around, I found the color temperature to be pretty balanced, definitely not as cool as the G4’s display — which means, whites are white, not a shade of blue.


  Here is an extra benefit you will enjoy in the LG G5 model. The Always-on Display is used by LG to exhibit the latest notifications and date and can be set to show either the time or your signature alongside. Personally, I like LG's implementation a lot more than Samsung's, as it actually shows notifications from 3rd party apps, whereas Samsung's doesn't. As the display is of an LCD type, you would wonder that this feature would drain its battery. However, the company has redesigned the display’s driver IC memory and power management to only allow a small area of the display to light up.


The second point is the camera. It’s special camera design. The dual-camera system consisting of a 16-megapixel sensor and an 8-megapixel sensor. The 16-megapixel sensor is exactly the same sensor found in last year’s G4 and V10 handsets. It has an aperture of f/1.8 and is equipped with a standard angle lens at 78-degrees. Whereas, the 8-megapixel sensor has an aperture of f/2.4 and features a 135-degree, wide-angle lens — which is what makes it interesting. Both sensors are capable of shooting 4K video (3840x2160) at 30FPS for up to 5 minutes — yes, you can’t shoot a 4K video for more than 5 minutes due to overheating issues. A dual-LED flash, OIS (optical image stabilization) and a laser autofocus sensor, which makes focusing on objects a breeze, are also part of the device’s imaging system. 8-megapixel sensor only plays well with the stock camera app, some 3rd party camera apps recognize it and some don’t — it’s a hit and miss. The stock LG camera app has stayed mostly the same as before, but has been adapted to accommodate the secondary sensor and has received a few new nifty features.


There is also an 8-megapixel front-facing camera sensor, which takes some pretty detailed shots, but the lens isn’t as wide-angled as the lens in Samsung’s Galaxy flagship smartphones. It can also shoot video at Full HD 1080p at 30FPS. LG has added an Auto Shot feature to the camera app which takes a selfie without you needing to press the shutter button. It recognizes the face and as soon as it detects the face is not in motion, it captures an image — the feature actually works really well.


The LG G5 is a powerful smartphone with a great camera. The phone always has some problems and the LG G5 has no exception. In this paragraph, I’d like to give your some typical issues in terms of LG G5 display screen, such as the backlight bleed, the LED doesn’t work and freezing screen.


From the previous introduction and main features I mentioned, the LG G5 has its unique points. The LG G5 LCD screen digitizeris reliable. On the cellphoneage website, this model replacement is suitable for all models of LG G5. You can buy an original display screen digitizer if you need. Enjoy the high-quality screen technology.

People are sometimes not that sure when it comes to buy a smart watch. So you can hear all the questions like “is a wrist watch reliable?" or "is a high tech device worth the money?". The answer is “yes”, you can trust it and your money will be well spent. But all this will happen with a condition that you buy one from a reputable and trusted retailer, because it can guarantee you get a product as good as brand new with all the inspection and tests run to this phone before dispatch, all the accessories and most importantly a warranty that will guarantee your best interest in the long term. These days the sports wrist watch can provide the equally good function as a new one and sometimes it can give you more.


 The New Year’s Day is approaching. On this special day, a proper gift for your beloved family member is a wonderful choice. Maybe you are the one who is struggling to find something right to celebrate it. He contributes his everything to you. There are a bunch of presents on the website or stores. An ideal gift can fully express your gratitude. Whereas, do you know his real needs? In this composition, I’ll introduce a cool and practical item for your Superman. Taking this marvelous chance, using this unique gift to express your inner feeling to your dad.


  The slim and comfortable tracker is unobtrusive and can be worn all day without any efforts. A LED array against your wrist which reads your walking distance all day long in order to make meaningful recommendations on how much activity he should do. Meanwhile, this wrist watch can capture the steps. The distance and calories consumption. And check the completed situation of your target on the smartphone. In this way, you will keep a healthy lifestyle. With your father’s growing age, this smart device will help him stay motivated and healthy. Just set a daily goal and release his passion.


  Furthermore, the quality of sleeping is significant. They have an increasingly shorter sleeping time. This kind of wrist watch will monitor his sleeping quality and help him develop good sleeping habits. It can detect the sleeping time and status. It is used the comfortable and durable materials allow him to sleep well without disturbance. It is made of lightweight, breathable neoprene materials which keep your phone safe when you taking exercise. The sensor can automatically track his sleeping in the whole night. In the morning, a gentle alarm sound wakes him up. When he use this wrist watch, you can get familiar with his sleeping and body quality.


  In addition, a kind design will make this gift more popular among the men. It owns a call notification and message remainder. Remind you with vibration when a call comes, it will avoid missing any important calls and messages. Using LED lights and vibration motor to remind twice. This device is easy to operate and lose some burdens for your favorite father.

He doesn’t carry a big phone and cannot miss your warm-hearted calls when he is shopping at the mall. You may wonder that how to reach this function. The wrist watch has a Bluetooth 4.0. This chipset provides fast and stable connection while consuming less power. This ensures a long battery life and stable data transmissions.


  A realistic function can give him more convenience. The water resistance: the IP67 level. With an IP rating, it is protected against both water and fine dust particles. When your father takes a shower or runs in the rain, he can keep it on. Absolutely, it comes with a standard USB port, special design to charge through connecting PC and mobile driver. Each successive generation of the smart watch has added new features and, in almost all cases, they've gotten better. But purchasing a bracelet wrist watch is a cost-efficient deal for you. You only cost a small amount of money. As a result, a high-performance smartphone you will own. It is a stunning option. You can search for a smart watch online or buy from cellphone age. You can have a good quality phone through these two ways at a very affordable price.


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