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We all like good quality cellphone with lower price on purchase. A new iPhone is quite expensive and not all of the cellphone consumers can afford it. Buying a refurbished iPhone saves us a lot and offers us the same experience as the new one. So of course, when you see that refurbished iPhone, you may want to go for that instead of a new brand one. But is that a good decision? Should you buy a refurbished iPhone? That’s what we would like to discuss below.


What is refurbished iPhone?


Before deciding if you should purchase a refurbished iPhone, it’s important to know what a refurbished iPhone is. A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that has been returned after it’s been purchased for someone else. Just because it’s been returned does not mean it’s necessarily been broken, or had any sort of problem. Often times, the previous owner has just decided that the iPhone was not right for them, so they returned it. After it’s been returned, it’s put through a series of quality tests to make sure it’s running just as it should. Remember, a company wouldn’t sell you a product that didn’t work. That’d be bad business. Once they ensure that the iPhone is working as it should, they put it back up for sale, for a discounted price.


Quality of refurbished iPhones


Whether it’s worth buying a refurbished iPhone will depend a lot on the quality. Because refurbished iPhones are checked for function and quality before they are put back on the shelves, they will almost always work just fine. But for how long is it? The iPhone batteries aren’t limitless, they will eventually die. And because the internal hardware isn’t replaced before the iPhones are put back on the shelves, it’s impossible to tell the condition of the hardware. The battery is usually one of the first things to die, which sucks because the iPhone does not have that great of battery life anyway.


So what can you do? Get a warranty, if one is available. This will ensure that, if the battery (or other hardware) is in poor condition, you’ll be able to get it fixed. When you buy an iPhone (assuming it’s not unlocked), you’re locked into a two year contract, so an extended warranty is a good option to opt for as well.


With the smart phone market drastically increasing in India, Apple is trying to take steps forward to break in to the industry there where they are lagging behind the more popular smart phone makers Samsung and Micromax. Apple has recently come up with a new idea to import and sell used iPhones in India. The idea is that by being able to sell used iPhones in India it will be able to combat some of the cost difference between iPhones and the Indian market where the majority of smartphones cost less than $200.


This has been all over the news, and because of that we have seen a heightened interest in used iPhones. People are learning that they can get a previously owned Apple product for a fraction of the cost they would get a new one for, making it more affordable for the average person. However, the terms “used iPhone” and “refurbished iPhone” have been used interchangeably confusing many consumers.


Differences of used iPhone and furbished iPhone


There would be big difference on the condition of an iPhone used and refurbished unit. Used iPhones will come “as is” from the vendor. They do not spend extra time to clean or fix any damages. With refurbished products, every product is thoroughly cleaned and if there are any cosmetic damages that can be fixed, they are.


Another difference is the warranty. Warranties aren’t always offered with refurbished or used products but more often than not, if you are purchasing a refurbished iPhone it is through a company that will usually offer some type of warranty. At Mac of all trades, for example, they offer a free 90-day warranty, and also offer the options to purchase a 1-year and 2-year warranty as well. If you are looking into buying a used or unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 it is always good to research warranty options since the products are previously owned.


You iPhone 6 is easy broken on the display screen, and this is an issue of awkward. Although there is toughened film covered on the screen for protection, it is still easy to get cracked and broken on the display screen. There are mainly two display screens on the market for replacement, let’s see what is it different and who it will do to our iPhone 6.


iPhone LCD display vs. Digitizer display screen


An iPhone 6 Digitizer Touch Panel Screen consisted of LCD Display Screen, Flex Cable, Supporting Frame – Black. The iPhone’s display system is composed of three layers. The top layer is a glass screen to protect. The middle layer is a digitizer to detect touch events. The bottom layer is a LCD to output the display.


The outermost layer of an iPhone’s touch screen system is the screen. The iPhone 6 screen is made of glass and can crack, which may cause a single line or a webbed series lines and breaks. The digitizer is a transparent layer, encased on the exterior by a glass screen and on the interior by the LCD. The digitizer is made of glass and is bound to the outer glass screen by a thin layer of clear epoxy.


The LCD is used to show the images we see on the screen. It is the bottom layer of iPhone’s touch screen system. There is no way to separate an iPhone 6 LCD screen from digitizer. If digitizer is cracked or broken, we should still be able to see the screen clearly through the cracks on the outer glass/digitizer. Its touch functionality should still be intact. In other cases, the touch functionality will cease to worker for no apparent reason. If this happens and we can still see the screen clearly, the digitizer is defective.


If your iPhone 6 LCD screen is damaged, the display would be either completely blank, very dim, or parts of the screen will not show anything at all while other parts of the screen display just fine. In some cases, both of the digitizer and LCD screen are broken. In a word, the LCD screen on the iPhone is the actual display. The digitizer is the glass on top of the LCD screen. Without the digitizer, touching the screen would not do anything at all. Without LCD screen, no images will be displayed at all.


How LCD Display Interface Circuit works?


An iPhone 6 LCD -liquid crystal display is an electronically-modulated optical device made up of any number of pixels filled with liquid crystals and arrayed in front of a light source (backlight) or reflector to produce images in color or monochrome. They can be optimized for static text, detailed still images, or dynamic, fast-changing, video content. Old type of LCD are monochrome types which only display one certain color while the modern types are colored ones that can display rich text and images. LCD's resolution of display depends on the amount of pixels into it, the highest amount designed looks and displays best.


Now, LCD won’t work without a light source and a reflector to drive it pixels to form image information. This typical block diagram below will help us a brief explanation on how the LCD can produce text and images on mobile phones handsets. The block diagram shows the LCD gets a data source from the application processor, so therefore LCD is being controlled by the application processor to produce a detail images, LED is a light emitting diode that can produce light, this light source of an LED is the one that reflect at the back of an LCD, without this LED light reflection on the back of an LCD your iPhone display will result a black or dark screen displays.

LCD also needs a power supply voltage to activate its liquid crystal arrays inside of it, so that is why a voltage supply is also very important for that matter. An iPhone 6 LCD Display Circuit Schematic diagram below interprets how the whole circuitry of an LCD being connected and designed. A circuit start from an application processor that controls and sends data to LCD connector which where the LCD is being connected. Before the data reach to the LCD connector it is being filtered for Electromagnet Interference protection. The LED light circuit and a power supply voltage are also provided for it is also work an important part on LCD circuit.


Can LCD display screen replacement available?


Since your iPhone 6 display screen is easy broken, having a new LCD display screen or digitizer display screen replacement seems important for cellphone repair. The LCD display screen replacement is available in repair store, actually. To be noticed, there are fake iPhone replacement screen on the market. You should choose a reliable and reputable repair store if you need your iPhone 6 LCD display screen replacement.


No matter what, we should keep our iPhone 6 from damage and screen cracked. The LCD screen of digitizer layer is weak and fragile; we should be sensitive about that. If the broken display screen is unavoidable, get your phone a new iPhone 6 LCD display screen replacement from a repair store.       


One of the most important parts of smart phone is the screen which is also one of the most breakable. It is not unusual to see someone trying to use a phone with a large crack on the screen. LG V10 is a special model on LG series. The screen of LG V10 goes the same on the broken weakness. How to replace the LG V10 screen successfully, here is the topic we would like to talk about.


Construction of your LG V10 LCD replacement display screen


To replace a LG V10 damaged screen, you will need a new LG V10 LCD display replacement screen. These have three parts: the LCD, a glass screen, and the digitizer. The digitizer is what picks up your finger’s touch on the screen and allows you to operate your LG V10 phone. The digitizer is fused to the glass from the inside which means you can’t replace the glass without also replacing the digitizer and vice versa. The digitizer and glass are then attached to the LCD. The glass screen and digitizer are designed this way because early touchscreen phones were damaged by dust or small particles that got between the glass screen and digitizer. The digitizer’s sensitivity makes it essential to install a high quality replacement because cheaper ones are not as responsive to the human touch as the original.


Much like with cheaper digitizers, it is important to note that inexpensive replacement kits use lower quality glass which unsurprisingly is much more likely to break and does not feel like the glass that came with your phone.


In addition, you can also find cheaper LG V10 LCD screen in the market, however, many of them come with defects. You could experience problems like having dead pixels in the screen upon installation (black spots that do not show anything on the screen) and a backlight which turns on, but nothing appears on the LG V10 LCD screen making your phone or tablet impossible to use.


Flex cables quality and construction is also a factor in the price of replacement kit. If low-quality flex cables are used, you will most likely see lines in the screen. If the replacement assembly is poorly constructed, the back of your phone can fall off leaving the LCD exposed. In addition, there is the risk of becoming frustrated or dissatisfied with your purchase of a replacement kit if you are unable to replace the screen. In fact, all you need to do is look for customer reviews of the cheaper options and see many people giving negative feedback and bad product reviews to these kits because their phone is not restored to factory condition or a problem has occurred a few days or weeks after they installed it.


Cost of LG V10 LCD display screen Replacement


The price and quality of LG V10 LCD screen replacement kits can vary widely. High quality kits range from $40-200 depending on the make and model of your phone or tablet. Cheap screen replacement kits often come with little to no instructions which means an inexperienced person would have to look for repair guides online. There are many guides including step-by-step flowcharts and video tutorials, but finding a good one is not easy. More importantly, if you install the screen incorrectly, you could damage the cables which causes lines in the screen, which are is annoying, and hinder your ability to see what you are doing while using your phone or tablet.


Tips on LG V10 smart phone LCD display screen replacement


If your LG V10 LCD display screen is malfunctioning, there are a number of options for how to repair it, but purchasing and installing a high quality screen replacement kit offers the most advantages. New, high quality screens will last longer than their cheaper counterparts and will also ensure your phone looks and feels like it never happened! To be mention, there are all kinds of cellphone LCD display screen on sale in the market. Choose a grade O display screen for your LG V10 smart phone replacement. You may also go to the repair shop if you are a busy person. 


The LG Optimus G 2 is impressively powerful, well designed and contains loads of useful features. The phone packs a punch under the hood and it never feels like it is lagging behind, with multi-tasking a breeze. The LED display screen may be its weakest point though, but it does its job decently on the whole. So if you are looking for a well-rounded handset, with a decent camera and great design, then the LG Optimus G 2 is for you.


LG Optimus G 2 Review


One of the most interesting features of the smartphone is the 'QSlide' function. When you pull down the notifications bar, you will see an extra row of icons. So what this feature essentially does is to allow you to launch any one of these apps on top of whatever app you’re currently running - you can watch a video while sending a text message and using the calculator.


The next feature, aptly named Quick Memo, allows a user to scribble on the screen, anywhere, anytime via a long press of a button, positioned between the volume rocker and save the final result as a screenshot.


So what it does, it creates a canvas above the current screen, allowing you to write or draw anything. This comes in handy if say, during a phone call and you need to jot down a mobile number urgently but you have no paper on hand. Just open Quick Memo as the press of a button and you will not be scrambling for pen and paper ever again.


Other neat camera-related features include being able to immediately save one frame as a photo while recording a video, built-in Panorama and HDR options and editing capabilities in the gallery.


About LG G2 Cracked Screen Repair


A series of high-end smartphones launched by LG starting in 2013, the LG G Series is LG’s answer to Apple’s glorious iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series. LG originally introduced the G brand name for the LG Optimus G 2 smartphone, but soon decided to discontinue the Optimus brand name and brand their star series as just “G”. In August 2013, the LG G2 was released.


With a gorgeous 5.2’ screen, a fabulous resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, a 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, a 13 MP back camera and a 2.1 MP front camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean pre-installed, the LG G2 makes for an attractive grab. Unfortunately, however, there is no such thing as a free lunch. And while the LG G2 comes for a hefty $250, it still comes with a catch.


Firstly, the LG G2 (G2 Models D800, D801, LS980 & VS980), G3 (G3 Models D850, D851, D855, VS985 & LS990) and G4 (G4 Models H810, H815, VS986, LS991 & F500L), with their superior features and undeniably good hardware, come with a phony, cheap plastic back cover that only looks like a metal chassis. This means, even with normal use and no accidental damage, several unhappy customers have reported that the phone cover is prone to cracking over time, thereby spoiling the expensive feel of the great device. The cracks are said to appear in two locations, surrounding the two respective ports for the headphone jack and the micro USB charger. Due to repeated insertion of the headphone jack and the USB charger, minute cracks begin appearing near the ports, destroying any aesthetic beauty the phone may possess. Customers have blamed this on the rather humble material used for the phone’s back case, but the spokesman of LG has come up with a wholly different theory.


But that isn’t all of it. Wait till we tell you of the second issue. Unlike iPhone 6 or popular Samsung smartphones, whose front glasses only serve to secure the digitizer and LCD underneath, the LG G series of phones come with a single screen which serves as the front glass, digitizer and LCD. Therefore, should your LG G2 smartphone be faced with an accidental crack, it is rendered absolutely useless, with the multi-touch no longer working! Thus, a costly screen replacement is the only way left!


Unless covered by a warranty, the LG service personnel will probably charge you a jaw-dropping price for a simple screen replacement! The sad thing is, however, the official LG servicing centers are probably the only ones you can trust with your expensive smartphone, and a third-party repair seems too scary to spare. So, a reputable and professional repair shop is great important to you. There you can have your LG Optimus G 2 screen repaired and LG Optimus G 2 display digitizer touch screen replacement with warranty and guarantee, no follow-up issues.