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The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are widely used as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be processed directly into stone and calcined lime. Lime lime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, generally block, pure white, light gray or light yellow when containing impurities. Lime absorb moisture or add water to become slaked lime, also known as hydrated lime hydrated lime, its main component is Ca (OH) 2. The slaked lime is formulated into lime mortar, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., for use as a coating material and tile binder. Limestone is a valuable resource with a wide range of uses Limestone is the product name of limestone as a raw material for minerals. Limestone is widely used in the history of human civilization because of its wide distribution and easy access in nature.

The wider use of limestone widening, focusing on ultrafine mill efficiency and quality. Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd., the largest production base of micro-pulverized coal in China, has always been committed to the upgrading of micro-pulverizers. Because Shanghai SBM has a strong R & D department and elites, through continuous pioneering and enterprising, SBM has successfully developed: Model Different, fashionable and affordable micro-grinding a new generation of products, and mine crusher products: high-speed fine crusher, shaker, jaw crusher, belt and other equipment to meet different customer requirements, quality of product quality and Efficient after-sales service, customers receive the unanimous praise.

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ultrafine mill desulfurization is generally limestone (the main component of calcium carbonate) crushed by the ultrafine mill into the water, making it a suspension. The coal-fired ultrafine mill sulfur dioxide generated by the introduction of calcium carbonate emulsion, the reaction of calcium sulfite, emit carbon dioxide. The calcium sulfite is then discharged and blown to oxidize it into calcium sulfate. Sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to form acid rain, and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in the big greenhouse effect, the extent of harm is much less than sulfur dioxide. Domestic and international milling equipment R & D units have also invested a lot of manpower and resources for effective work, hoping to develop a higher working efficiency, ultra-fine grinding and coarse grinding better performance equipment, in the choice of development direction, we have reached consensus Two points, the first is the use of continuous progressive crushing, so that it reaches the highest efficiency; the second is the use of laminated crushing principle, give full play to the role of laminated crushing and secondary crushing to obtain extremely high crushing rate and excellent ultra-fine crushing With rough grinding effect.

Shanghai ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the construction of desulphurization mill to achieve particle size in the ultra-fine crushing and coarse grinding interval, the results of interaction and the vector is also constantly changing. This achieves the purpose of changing the direction of the load of the material being crushed and at the same time creates a condition for forced self-polishing. Powerful equipment, wearing parts to extend the life of a lot, but also absolutely safe and reliable reliability, and clean environment, ultrafine mill desulfurization is the preferred equipment.

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Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as heavy calcium carbonate, referred to as TSP, is the use of high-quality calcite processed from raw materials into white powder, its main component is CaCO3, heavy calcium whiteness, good purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition Features. Therefore, heavy calcium is a good filler commonly used in industry. Heavy calcium is commonly used as filler, but also widely used in artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, construction supplies, food, medicine, Feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industry, as a filler to increase the volume of products, reduce production costs. Used in rubber, can increase the volume of rubber, rubber processing to improve, play a semi-reinforcing or reinforcing effect, and can adjust the hardness of rubber.

In recent years, with the increasing demand of industrial powder, the industrial demand for heavy calcium powder is getting bigger and bigger. The production of large-scale heavy calcium powder in different regions has successively been produced. We know that the mineral resources are passed through the crusher, the mill Deep processing of ore, and then through the fine magnetic separation, calcination and other technical means for processing, you can greatly improve the utilization of ore, which is undoubtedly the domestic mining industry to reverse the passive situation of development opportunities. In this regard, ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd. as a national mining machinery important equipment supplier, focusing on ultrafine powder grinding technology research and improvement, increase research and development efforts, has introduced for the production of ultrafine powder tricyclic medium speed mill Powder machine, ultrafine mill and other fine powder equipment, complete model, the use of powerful, the use of a more extensive range of equipment have reached the national quality supervision system standards, stable and reliable work, strong production capacity of various industries ultrafine powder Production makes a great contribution. ZENITH specializes in the field of fine powder grinding and is willing to provide more efficient and energy-saving mill equipment for the development of ultra-fine powders.

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Barite is the most common mineral of barium, its composition is barium sulfate. Produced in the cryogenic hydrothermal veins, such as quartz - barite veins, fluorite - barite veins, etc., and galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, cinnabar symbiotic. Most of the barite deposits produced in Hunan, Guangxi, Qinghai and Jiangxi in China are huge hydrothermal single mineral veins. Barite can also be produced in sedimentary rocks, showing the occurrence of tuberculosis, mostly in the sedimentary manganese deposits and shallow marine muddy, sandy sedimentary rocks. In the remnant clay cover of the weathered remnant deposits, they often become nodular and massive. In the industry, barite is processed into differential after ultrafine mill is a very important non-metallic mineral raw materials, has a wide range of uses. Mainly in the following areas:

Drilling mud weighting agent, lithopone, various barium compounds, industrial barite for packing, mineralizing agent for cement industry, barite processed by the milling machine into differential, it is a lot of applications, in the Industrial production plays an important role.

SBM machine production of professional barite mill, with high efficiency and energy saving, low investment, high safety and reliability, longer service life of wearing parts, environmental cleaning and other characteristics, is the first choice for processing barite mill equipment.

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It is made of quartz grains (sand), is structurally stable, usually light brown or red, and contains mainly silicon, calcium, clay and iron oxide. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of grit cemented sand, which contains more than 50% sand particles. The vast majority of sandstones are composed of quartz or feldspar. According to their sedimentary environment, sandstone can be divided into three categories: quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and lithic sandstone. Sand and sandstone constitute the major reservoirs of oil, gas and groundwater. Sand and sandstone can be used as abrasive, glass raw materials and building materials. Certain sand and sandstone-rich sand, zircon, diamond, ilmenite, rutile and other placer. '

SBM ultrafine mill help power sandstone to rise again! SBM production of the grinding machine using the advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, and in the same industry Raymond mill based on the updated and improved design, the ball mill than the high efficiency Low power consumption, small footprint, small investment. The machine air flow is selected in the fan - mill shell - cyclone - fan circulating fluid operation, so less than the high-speed centrifugal mill dust, operating the workshop clean, pollution-free environment, the product features full, crush needle material , No temperature rise during the grinding process, suitable for the smashing of heat-sensitive materials, not to be missed!

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Milling equipment from the finished product can be 40-80 mesh fineness called the coarse powder mill, 80-325 mesh commonly known as Raymond mill, 100-2500 mesh is called ultrafine mill, focus today Under the coarse powder mill, coarse grinding is the combination of customer needs, based on the traditional mill, designed coarse grinding equipment, coarse powder mill to solve the user fineness of 3 mm below the finished product mix A demand for materials.

In the process of coarse grinding instead of Raymond mill, grinder, ultrafine mill and other traditional milling equipment can only process fine powder particles of a new high-tech products to meet the requirements of the meal processing, which is widely used In the quartz sand, silica sand, sand casting, abrasive abrasive sand and other fine sand industry, a high-efficiency ideal equipment composed of closed-circuit production line, can produce a variety of particle size products, the use of a wider range of better results. After the coarse flour mill into the market is very popular with industry customers, and make up for the other can only process the lack of machinery powder. It should be noted that the coarse powder mill is improved from the Raymond mill, the general mill can be about 1 millimeter of coarse powder, like 20 mesh -80 purpose powder can easily be processed to meet the rough The needs of powder market users, especially for the highway, refractory materials, building materials, water and oil in the area of ​​some coarse flour mixture market, especially suitable. The characteristics of the coarse powder mill is the fineness of the range can not be adjusted, after the manufacturers set, this range can not be changed, compared to Raymond mill, a reduction of a link, so greatly enhance the yield. Coarse grinding with high production capacity, crushing ratio; low power consumption, product size coarse; simple structure, easy operation; small investment costs, is currently a rare coarse meal mill coarse grinding machine. In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, coal dry stone, construction, sand making, refractory and ceramics and other industrial and mining enterprises, engaged in the material meal operations, mainly suitable for crushing compressive strength of not more than 320MPa (MPa) Soft and hard ore. During the operation of the coarse powder mill machine, the motor drives the roller hanger to rotate through the triangular pulley and the central shaft, and the grinding roller mounted on the roller hanger through the bearing and the cross arm shaft rotates with the roller hanger, Rolling along the grinding circle. Joined into the feed hopper bulk material through the three pan, three powder cone, evenly along the circumference fall between the grinding ring and the grinding roller, grinding roller crushed from the bottom discharge. Dust fan is the import and export of the mill to form a negative pressure, no dust pollution, while the heat discharged from the machine.

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In the market competition is so fierce today, the development of enterprises can not be separated from product innovation, so all industries are the product of the reform and innovation on the forefront of business development. Mill machinery industry is also facing tremendous opportunities and challenges. The rapid development of the milling industry has brought great opportunities for the development of milling equipment manufacturers. However, the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of the milling machines in the milling industry has brought great challenges to the milling equipment manufacturers. In the face of opportunities and challenges, milling equipment manufacturers only constant innovation can be based on the market. Today, the ultrafine mill, for example, talk about how the mill equipment manufacturers to improve the performance of ultra-fine mill.

First of all, you can develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment that are compatible with ultra-fine mill equipment. Ultra-fine crushing and grading equipment combined with closed-circuit technology, can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and ensure the qualified product size. It can be said that the output and precision grading equipment are the key to the development of ultrafine grinding technology. In addition, the working efficiency and energy consumption of the ultrafine grinding machine must be constantly improved and improved. The ultrafine grinding machine and grading equipment must be adapted to the specific materials Characteristics and product specifications, specifications and models of diversification, but there is no any material is super-efficient crushing and grading equipment; Finally, you can develop multi-purpose ultrafine grinding and surface modification equipment. Such as superfine mill and drying processes such as combination of ultrafine grinding and surface modification combined with mechanical and chemical principles of ultrafine grinding technology, can expand the application of ultrafine grinding technology. With the surface coating, solid-state miscibility, can produce some new materials with unique properties.

Well, today for everyone to share here, I hope our SBM superfine mill performance improvement point of view to the milling equipment manufacturers can help. In the future R & D and production, we will continue to work hard, live up to expectations, developed a more robust performance of the milling equipment to meet the many needs of different customers, users are welcome to buy.

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Ultrafine mill equipment is SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. for the characteristics of ore materials out of research, specifically for Mohs hardness of ore grinding and processing below 6, customers in need can go to SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. to buy, SBM To provide you with full service, but many customers consider buying more when the Ultrafine mill, such as price is the most important consideration, the following SBM tells you what is the impact of the price of the mill equipment, how to choose a reasonable price Mill equipment.

Under normal circumstances, buy flour mill before, what are you most concerned about it? Business, product quality, price? Shanghai mill which mill product quality and price are reliable, you can go to SBM to see. Mining machine industry or need to use mine machine business is most concerned about two things, one is the quality of the product, one is the price. Similarly, the sales of milling equipment are mainly affected by product quality and price impact, and now the overall mining machine market is relatively stable, with the price of steel, ore prices, building materials prices and other prices, for some large Business impact is not large, but for some small businesses, largely constrained. SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. based on the recent sales of milling machines to analyze the situation, summed up the following factors that affect their prices. The company is located in:

The first is the instability of the steel market, the rebound of steel prices, coupled with plenty of funds early in the market, pushed up the futures price of steel. Under the influence of making money, the new admission of funds has increased market expectations of rising prices, making the current steel market stock market increasingly serious trend of such a direct result of a change in steel trading mode of operation.

Followed by lack of confidence in the market, this wave of this wave of market this year mainly due to low-end small traders purchase, concentrate on the release of procurement energy, steel shipments homeopathic control, resulting in out of stock market specifications, and then raise the benchmark price of the entire market. As there is no major change in the major supply and demand side, this wave of market is mainly driven by market expectations. 

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Milling equipment, the dust problem has long plagued the long-term problems to feed mouth, discharge port and fan seal, due to the fine particle size, easy to fly out from the seal is not good, it will cause environmental pollution Problems, so the use of Ultrafine mill can not ignore environmental issues.

In addition to dust, the use of ultra-fine mill will produce noise, wet grinding water pollution problems. These pollution problems, solutions should try to use negative pressure system, the use of good sealing equipment and fine grading equipment, if necessary, set up in the crushing plant dust removal system to ensure clean production workshop, which for the pigments, dyes, fiber powder Body and toxic powder is extremely important. For noise problems, including vibration mill, ball mill, noise up to 120dB, if necessary, set up special isolation box or isolation room, isolation grinding equipment. Wet ultrafine grinding, the need to dehydration (or oil) after the water or oil to be filtered, to ensure that no pollution of raw materials can be recycled applications.

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SBM Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment manufacturers, the production of the mill step by step the development and growth, from the initial Raymond mill to the current Ultrafine mill, ultrafine grinding, step by step Leap shows SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. progressing again and again, the following SBM for everyone to talk about the difference between ultrafine mill equipment and ordinary traditional mill and progress, why choose the ultrafine mill equipment.

We look at ultra-fine grinding, the mill's name is relative to Raymond mill terms. That is, after the modified design of the new mill, its fineness compared to ordinary Raymond mill fineness increased a lot, the mill on the basis of the traditional mill technology improvements, with high efficiency and energy saving new mill Equipment, R line pendulum mill replacement products. Then it ordinary grinding equipment in those areas to improve it, the following brief introduction.

The new generation of ultra-fine grinding can be applied to the following six ore milling processing, humidity below 6 percent. Fineness between 30-3000 mesh directly adjusted. New grinding system equipment and high-tech grading equipment so that the new ultra-fine grinding quickly in the market has been the promotion and application, and access to the user friends alike.

Yesterday, the company manager of professional milling machine mill test machine in my site to explain the system of knowledge. Mainly to us to explain the work process and principle of Raymond mill, but also introduces the milling equipment in the work process often encounter some problems, I am here to describe a specific reference for users and friends.

The working process of the mill: firstly, the material is fed to the mill by the feeder, and then the grinding process of the material between the mill and the grinding ring is carried out under the action of the internal grinding device; the qualified material passes through the lower air duct The wind flows up, through the analysis of qualified sorting through here to grinding 400 items for the standard material that is 400 and above pass, the following down to the ultrafine mill for grinding again, the lower part of the material for the blade Shovel to the grinding roller and milling between the milling, in order to achieve adequate grinding of materials. After passing through the analysis of qualified materials from the pipeline into the collector, according to the needs of the collector was collected properly, unsuitable dust is collected to the precipitator. This new ultra-fine grinding device with negative pressure system, what is negative pressure, simply that is below atmospheric pressure, that is, the pressure inside the mill is less than the external pressure, some users will worry about the mill inlet part of the site will not There will be material powder out, this is generally not the case. Unless the mill closed the whole system is not closely led to ultra-fine grinding negative pressure into a positive pressure system, there will be dusting phenomenon. So users in the process of application must check the mill is closed.

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