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Sand making machine capabilities continue to penetrate the mining machinery sales market. At the moment when the country's economy progresses, no single industry exists as a lone kingdom. As there are inextricably links of all walks of life, the entire national economy can be said to be a one-off cause and a huge one for any suitable industry Turmoil will cause the disruptive development of all the domestic economy. Although the new sand making equipment in the machinery and equipment industry corner, however, it is all kinds of industries can make the normal day-to-day work of the basic protection. New sand making machine equipment has long been out of the team of mining machinery, with the overall taboo for all formed a compact industrial ties.

Since the introduction of the policy of reform and opening up, the rapid development of the domestic economy has led to an irresistible development. Various industries are developing rapidly. Important industries such as railways, highways, mines, real estate and water conservancy are developing rapidly. The development of the new sand-making equipment industry derived from a suitable industrial link funds, the promotion of these basic industries require a lot of gravel, sand, which led to the rapid development of sand and gravel mining industry, mining sand industry Rapid development brings the peak of sand-making machinery and sand making machinery, and then a large amount of capital influx into the production of sand-making machinery leads to technological upgrading, which in turn leads to the economic progress of other industries and has formed A perfect cycle of satisfaction, and guide people's economy to a higher direction of technological upgrading.


As with cars, sand making machine and other machinery and equipment before the formal work also has a period of running-in debugging. Running-in period of mechanical equipment is also called go-ahead, generally refers to the mechanical parts in the initial operation of contact, friction, occlusion process. Run-in period can be adjusted to enhance the operation of various parts of machinery and equipment with the ability to adapt to the environment, and wear parts uneven convex parts. The advantages and disadvantages of sand making equipment running in, sand making equipment life, safety, economy will have a significant impact.

Although the sand making equipment has also been put into operation at the factory, but the surface of the parts will still be rough. In addition, processing and assembly there will be some deviation and some more difficult to find the hidden dangers. Therefore, the new factory sand making equipment must go through a certain period of time running in order to better ensure that the late sand making equipment normal and orderly work.

For new users, may not understand the functional structure and performance characteristics of the sand making equipment, without reasonable mechanical running in the early stage, it is easy to appear sand making machine equipment is not efficient, or even less than expected Effect, since the early run-in is so important, how to make sand-making equipment through the run-in period of safety, sand making equipment to play to the extreme, so that the latter part of the production into formal.

Sanding machine equipment running in general and supporting crushing, screening equipment run-in, sand making machine equipment operation between their own parts and raw materials between the run-in period should pay attention to several aspects:

1, before operation, please carefully read the manufacturer's sand making machine instructions and operating manual, familiar with the equipment performance.

2, no-load operation and load operation, under normal circumstances, the air load operation for 4 hours on it, in the empty load operation to check the flexibility of the next pulley, the machine is installed securely, there are no other noise, etc., in time Check, adjust the loose parts, to prevent loosening caused by parts wear.

3, pay attention to the running-in period of work load, work load not more than 80% of the rated work load, arrange the appropriate workload to prevent prolonged work due to test the heat caused by the phenomenon of the machine.

4, in the run-in period should pay attention to the lubrication of equipment, poor lubrication, will cause the scratches and occlusion of precision parts.

5, in the run-in we often have to check the data of the instrument to see if there is an exception.

6, standardize operations, timely inspection and maintenance.


In the field of machinery industry equipment has shown a lot of advanced equipment, such as double gold cone sand making machine. sand making machine has been developed to the third generation sand making equipment. No matter how advanced the equipment, it is hard to avoid some running faults. Today, we introduce the common faults of the third generation sand making machine, hoping to help more people solve the problems as soon as possible and improve the work efficiency.

Overload jumping

In the course of operation, the third generation of sand making equipment may appear overloaded jumping situation. In general, such a situation occurs in order to protect the safety of the equipment and is a self-protection measure of the equipment. In the event of a jerk, you need to check the process of its associated equipment or see if there is a higher hardness object entering the equipment. Once there is a hard object into the device, it will lead to operational problems. In particular, we must pay attention to its import and export inspection, as much as possible to protect the smooth conveyor belt, to avoid the existence of aggregate or debris affect the normal operation of equipment.

2. Displacement sensor is damaged

In the event of such a failure, a malfunction of the equipment may occur. And this is often because the vibration is larger or there is a sleeve off the sensor displacement probe appears damaged, thus resulting in measurement of inaccurate phenomenon. For the problems caused by large vibration need to strengthen the damping design to ensure its efficiency is higher.

3 reducer problems

If the equipment is running, the emergence of large particles of the material and the number of more words. Then it will cause overload operation, which makes its reducer failure, you want to protect the normal operation must ensure stable working conditions, reduce the frequency of parking can be.

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We know the sand making machine equipment is diverse in weight and the new sand making machine emerges one after another. Today we introduce you a very economical and practical sand making machine - vertical shaft impact sand making machine.

The utility model sand making machine is a type of impact sand making machine, which comprises a machine frame, a crushing chamber, a chamber cover, a feeding hopper, an impeller, a spindle assembly, a discharging opening, a transmission device, an opening device, A sleeve and a side plate of the frame, the crushing cavity is arranged in the rack, the cavity cover is arranged on the upper end of the crushing cavity, the hopper is arranged on the cavity cover, the impeller and the spindle assembly are arranged in the crushing cavity, the impeller is connected with the spindle assembly, The main shaft assembly is connected with the transmission device, the feed hopper is located above the impeller, the material inlet is located below the main shaft assembly, the assembly sleeve is sleeved outside the main shaft assembly, the side plate of the machine frame is arranged in the crushing chamber, And is fixed with the assembly sleeve, the opening device is installed on the rack; the jack is connected with the fixing plate. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure design, improved working efficiency, increased output of stone material and reduced equipment loss.

The sand making equipment is very suitable for hard pebbles, granite, basalt, andesite, dolomite, quartz, diabase and other hard rock crushing sand, and iron ore, copper ore, lead and zinc crushing operation. Unique design makes the sand making equipment wear level, long-term use does not require replacement of wearing parts, very economical.

Sand making machine manufacturers SBM, reliable quality, advanced technology, after-sale protection! SBM professional to provide you with sand making equipment such as VSI sand making machine, PCL impact sand making machine, pebble sand making machine, pebble sand making machine, quartz Sand making machine, perlite sand making machine, lime sand making machine, granite sand making machine and basalt sand making machine.

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How to properly install the sand making machine is a very important issue. If it can not be properly installed, it will cause the entire sand making line to stop working, which will not only damage the sand making equipment, but more importantly, Machine operators cause personal injury.

In a variety of gravel production lines and sand production line, sand making machine are usually accompanied by the crusher crushing equipment. So its installation and crusher have a great relationship. According to the different crushing sites, the location of the third generation sand making machine will also be different. Generally installed in the factory or open space for homework. The third generation sand making machine before installation, we must first inventory in accordance with the inventory, check the various components in the shipping process without wear and whether it is complete. Sanding machine should be balanced when installed so that the main shaft and the horizontal plane perpendicular to the sand on the top and sides should leave appropriate space for lifting and maintenance purposes. After the installation is complete, should still be a comprehensive inspection, such as: lube tube is securely connected. Sanding machine must be re-run before commissioning a lubricant, and check the connection between the components is solid and reliable, there is no foreign matter on the impeller, the motor wiring is correct. After running, if abnormal circumstances should stop running immediately.

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VSI new sand making machine, also called VSI impact sand making machine, is the most advanced artificial sand stone shaping equipment. Maintenance and maintenance is to sand making equipment to better work, delay the service life. So for the new VSI sand making machine, routine maintenance and repair need to pay attention to what the problem? Here we have to sail for your details.

(1) Check the various parts of the impeller wearing parts and weeks shield is solid and reliable and wear and tear.

(2) Check whether the screws connecting the motor frame and the main body are tight, whether the contact surface is firm and flat, whether the motor wheel and the main wheel are on the same line, and whether the degree of tightness of the transmission belt needs to be adjusted.

(3) Each class to clean up the accumulation of material inside the crushing chamber in order to grasp all the circumstances inside the machine cavity.

(4) Before starting the machine, check the lubrication station's operation status and fuel supply situation (Lubricating station refueling 35 # bearing oil, 46 # mechanical lubricating oil and 46 # wear-resistant hydraulic oil), and check whether the bearing cylinder oil seal is lack of lubricating grease.

(5) Check the main components of the control cabinet is working (voltage. Insurance. AC contactor. Relays. PLC. Main switch. Indicators).

(6) once a month to clean the filter, replace the lubricant six months.

(7) Is the host running smoothly? Is the motor current overload abnormal?

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SBM production of new stone sand making machine, also known as impact sand making machine, is the finest stone crushing sand making the ideal choice. The sand making equipment is the combination of domestic production of sand in the actual situation, research and development with domestic and international advanced level of efficient lithotripsy equipment.

SBM stone sand making machine is widely used in crushing and rough grinding of metal and non-metallic ores, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, building aggregates, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slag, especially for medium and hard And abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, magnesia, etc., than any other type of crusher more advantages. Used with hydraulic protection jaw broken supporting, can handle a variety of metallurgical slag. For construction sand, road gravel is suitable. The reason why SBM stone sanding machine is highly efficient and resistant to abrasion is governed by advanced design and high quality sanding machine parts.

SBM stone sand machine has the advantages of novel structure, unique, simple and reasonable operation balance, low operation cost. The sand making equipment using advanced working principle, "stone stone", "stone blacksmith", the device state free conversion, sand making, gravel, a multi-purpose machine. Rock stone technology reduces component wear and reduces production costs. Advanced sand making principle makes SBM sand making equipment more efficient sand production, crushing a wider range of sand production better. In addition, the sand making equipment in the production process, the formation of stone to protect the underlying, body wear-free, durable. A small amount of wear-resistant parts made of special wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight, easy to replace parts. Below we will give you a detailed description of the operation of the stone sand machine equipment matters needing attention:

1, check the vortex chamber before driving to observe whether the door closed, to prevent the material from the vortex chamber observation gate out of danger, dangerous.

2, check the direction of impeller rotation, from the entrance to see the direction. Impeller should turn counterclockwise, or should adjust the motor wiring.

3, impact crusher and conveyor equipment startup sequence: discharge → sand crusher → feed crusher must be started without load, sand machine to be normal operation before feeding.

The order of shutdown is the opposite to that of boot sequence.

4, the feed particles in strict accordance with the requirements of the prohibition is greater than the provisions of the material into the sand machine, otherwise, will lead to imbalance in the impeller and impeller wear and tear, base to block the impeller channel and the center of the feed tube, the crusher can not work Found that large pieces of material should be promptly excluded.

5, the discharge equipment is stopped, should stop feeding, otherwise, will cause pressure die impeller, burn the motor.

6, feeding force to be continuous and uniform.

7, sand making machine operation process, there must be no severe vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, should stop inspection.

8, the lubrication of the machine, lubrication. Sliding to dry oil lubrication, using Mobil car grease super-level, adding the amount of bearing cavity 1 / 2-2 / 3, stone sand machine for each class, add the right amount grease.

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Limestone, bluestone, marble and so on are all relatively soft materials, are the most common production of sand machine stone. The main component of limestone Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are widely used in building materials, industrial raw materials. Limestone resources are very wide, is the ideal material for the production of sand and gravel, but also one of the main raw materials on the market mechanism of sand. What kind of sand making machine limestone sand selection effect is good? For processing of such soft materials, we recommend you for the third generation sand making machine. The model sand processing limestone and other soft materials not only yield large, and the sand effect is good, less investment in equipment, very economical and applicable.

Limestone sand production line is mainly equipped with: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, the third generation sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment. The third generation of sand making sand, you can save the middle of the second break (counter cracked), three broken into two broken, greatly increased production efficiency, the third generation sand making larger feed size in the 120-190mm , But also greatly reduce the crusher losses, thereby reducing production costs, improve your return on investment! In addition, the third generation sand making machine for a variety of medium hardness solid materials crushing, in the cement industry, Finely divided limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed materials and more. The third generation of sand and gravel dual-use machine (third-generation sand making machine), you can produce sand, can also produce stone, limestone sand and pebbles is ideal.

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With the development of economy and science and technology, the development of sand making machinery industry in our country is very rapid. sand making machine sales market is extremely hot.And then we how to produce a good sand making machine that, which requires us to make further efforts, after so many years of development, China's machinery sand equipment industry ushered in a new opportunity for development . The SBM mine has a good understanding of the market before it is manufactured. After an inspection, the data analysis shows that the needs of the customer are present and the functional improvement of the product is achieved. And strict requirements for technical staff, to fully understand the new energy-saving sand making machine knowledge, the only way to choose the investment in equipment when it can be the most high-quality production.

In recent years, all major construction projects in our country have been carried out vigorously, and infrastructure construction in all regions has been carried out continuously. The utilization of sand-gravel material production system and artificial-made sand for sand-making equipment and sand production line are relatively perfect, mature and developing trend Very good. Mechanism sand river pebble sand production line put into production so that all major cities have accelerated the pace of development, artificial gravel standards have been more and more people's recognition. Sand making machine (sand making machine) Our key product of SBM mine, SBM mine is one of the earliest producers of sand making machine in China. After several decades of development, the company already has a mature R & And by the domestic mining, construction, water conservancy, highways, hydropower stations and other industries agree, but also walk in the forefront of the international sand making technology. According to the analysis, the main direction for the future growth of VSI's new sand making machinery is that the market share brought by product upgrading and the new growth point of new product innovation and research and development have been initially reflected in the development of the complete set of equipment for the current SBM mining equipment and machinery sand .

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River pebbles crushed sand is a good investment, but the river pebbles are not so easy to be broken stones. River pebbles hardness is great, is a good building materials, estimated to be quite the hardness of granite, crushing equipment for demanding, so not every manufacturer can produce such equipment.

River pebble sand making machine is also need to explore the Shanghai SBM recommended jaw crusher coarse crushing operations combined with cone crusher two broken operation, followed by a circular vibrating screen, the last VSI efficient sand making machine. This operation process is for a reason, the use of jaw crusher as coarse crushing equipment is because the jaw crusher cheap, very suitable for coarse crushing; select the cone crusher because cone crusher is laminated crushing, crushing large , High efficiency, low loss; vibrating sieve screening effect is good, simple structure, low price; the final choice of VSI sand making machine is because the device can produce grain closer to the natural sediment sand, and high efficiency .

This configuration is not only theoretically feasible, and we have a real SBM Shanghai production line. This production line is equipped with a GZD-960 × 3800 vibrating feeder, a PE-600 × 900 jaw crusher, a YZS-1860 circular vibrating screen, and a CSB-1321 cone crusher A + VSI-1140 sand making a + XSD-3016 sand washing machine two. Production reached 150 tons per hour, production in good condition.

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