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Raymond mill dust removal is a protective measure, dust bag is raymond mill supporting facilities, is a traditional dust removal equipment. Many users have found that cloth bags are more easily damaged, to the normal operation of the equipment has brought no small impact. Therefore, the current pulse dust removal equipment has gradually replaced the cloth dust bag dust bag is used to filter dust or air flow control device, which in the course of its use is not easy to wear parts. However, the dust bag also has a useful life, will wear. Lead Raymond wear dust bag wear reasons, mainly in the following two points:

1, if the Raymond grinding process produces a very fluid and highly abrasive dust, then the direct wear dust bag, reducing the service life, such as common aluminum powder, silicon powder and toner.

2, there is also a kind of dust on the dust bag wear is also very serious, that is charged with dust or hot particles. This is because chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust is very easy to produce sparks while charging, it is easy to damage the dust bag.

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Raymond mill mainly by the Raymond mill host, Raymond mill and Raymond mill powder collector composed of three parts. Which collectors in the entire system mainly plays the role of powder and dust collection.

Raymond mill powder collector thickness varies by model, due to different manufacturers, different manufacturers of different models of the thickness of the powder collector is not the same. Even the same model, different manufacturers use the collector thickness is not the same. The thickness of the collector will also have a significant impact on the use of the Raymond mill, the main effect being the repair rate of the Raymond mill. If the dust collector thickness of the Raymond mill is too thin and the material of the Raymond mill is too hard, Raymond mill powder collector is easy to wear through. If the Raymond mill collects dust, it needs to be repaired or replaced, which affects the normal production of the Raymond mill and increases the maintenance costs for the Raymond mill.

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Vertical roller mill (referred to as vertical mill) and Raymond mill grinding mechanism similar to all belong to the rolling crush, which is destined to produce less than the amount of fine powder per unit time. As the roller pressure is used hydraulic method, the roller pressure roller material greater, so the grinding efficiency is much better than the Raymond mill. Initially, vertical mill are two roller structure, mainly used for the production of 400 meals the following meal.

In order to improve the content of fine powder per unit time, three-roll vertical mill was developed later, and the content of fine powder has been greatly improved, but generally, the products below 1000 heads are still mainly produced. Later, some people on the upper classifier has been transformed, can be directly produced 1250 mesh powder. The use of the Raymond mill out of the 600 head -1000 head products, the other with ultra-fine grading machine for second grading, can produce more than 1250 heads of products. At the same time, the equipment system investment cost is too high.

Vertical mill R & D and production of high technical requirements, China's relevant research institutes in the 1980s proposed to vigorously promote the legislation in the cement industry legislation, and when there are some manufacturers have introduced their own vertical mill products. However, at the time of the limited research and development level, vertical mill products at this time had unavoidable technical defects. Therefore, many cement manufacturers finally switched to ball mill again. In recent years, with the R & D and development of milling machinery increased dramatically, vertical mill technology of foreign mill manufacturers has matured, vertical mill product technology advantages have become increasingly prominent. In this situation, the domestic manufacturers of milling machines to learn from the successful experience of foreign countries for major technological reforms, but also have re-launched with their own patented technology vertical mill products, and gradually accepted by the domestic cement, electric power, chemical industry , Become the preferred equipment grinding industry.

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raymond mill production capacity and processing of the final product fineness and analysis of the machine speed has a direct relationship.

Finished powder thickness and speed of the analyzer Raymond grinding debugging part, the first is the boot sequence, boot after the observation of the host is normal, and then from the material feeding mouth, then check the fineness of the powder after the material compliance, through the sample Sieve to test the powder, if the fineness of the powder is too coarse on the need to adjust the speed of the analyzer, the faster the analyzer speed, Raymond mill will be the more coarse powder, the slower the speed of the analyzer, the thunder Wear the mill will be finer powder. In addition to adjust the speed of the analysis machine, but also to adjust the size of the fan air volume, the greater the air volume, Raymond mill will be the more coarse powder, the smaller the air volume, Raymond mill powder will be finer . The best analyzer speed and the best position of the air volume vary according to the material, depending on the fineness of the material.

When you adjust the fineness of a powder, the best fixed speed is: colleagues to meet the fineness, open to the maximum air volume, so as to ensure that the production of the Raymond mill powder to produce the maximum production, and then for the Raymond Mill Users create greater value.

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Pre-sales service: to provide you with project ideas, process design.

Barite, potassium feldspar, production system - Raymond, talc, stone, limestone, ceramics, glass and other Mohs hardness of not more than 7, humidity less than 6% of non-flammable and explosive minerals, chemicals, Metallurgy and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials milling, particle size in the range of 80-325 head wanton conditioning.

raymond mill secondary by the host, analysis, blower, product cyclone splitter, pipe installation, motors and other components, which host by the rack, into the air volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, shell And the motor composition, the machine can be formed into an independent auxiliary facilities jaw crusher bucket lift electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, the user can be agile in accordance with the selection of the scene environment.

1. Raymond mill for the vertical layout of the layout, small footprint, strong system, from the original roughing of raw materials to be transported to the milling and the initial packaging, can be an independent production system.

4. Raymond mill main components are made of excellent castings and profiles production, sophisticated technology, to ensure the durability of the entire facility.

Mai Raymond mill is to replace the ball mill processing ore powder a new type of mill, Raymond mill roller in the role of centrifugal force pressed firmly on the ring, so when the roll, Raymond Mill Grinding machine wear ring to the inevitable thickness of the product does not affect the production and fineness. Raymond mill roller mill, Raymond mill grinding ring change cycle length, thus eliminating the shortcomings of the centrifugal damage machine replacement parts short cycle.

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Raymond mill is imported from abroad as a grinding equipment, the Raymond mill is widely used in Mohs hardness of not more than 8, humidity less than 6% of the non-flammable and explosive minerals, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials More than 320 kinds of materials such as industry and fine powder processing (barite, calcite, limestone, potassium feldspar, dolomite, glass, gypsum, insulation materials, etc.), the finished product size in the range of 80-480 mesh arbitrary regulation, the most Fine up to 600 heads. Looks like a steel container from the shape of the erection, there are air inlet, outlet, the central feed inlet. MPS shape and somewhat similar to the mill. Raymond grinding rod rotation centerline is upright, MPS grinding rod rotation centerline is approximately level. The lower part of the mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding rod and the grinding wheel to rotate to grind or grind the material to be grinded, the finished material is blown through the wind of the air inlet, the upper part of the grinder has a separator which can separate the coarse powder and the fine powder, The wind from the wind machine out to collect.The product uses the advanced structure of similar foreign products, and on the basis of large Raymond mill to improve the design from the update. The equipment than the ball mill high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, one-time investment. Roller in the role of centrifugal force tightly crushed ring, so when the grinding roller, grinding ring worn to a certain thickness does not affect the finished product yield and fineness. Roller, grinding ring replacement cycle is long, eliminating the shortcomings of a short replacement cycle of the centrifugal mill.The machine's air flow is selected in the fan - grinding shell - cyclone - circulating fan operation, so less dust than the high-speed centrifugal mill, operating the workshop clean, pollution-free environment.

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About Raymond mill accessories maintenance is mainly cleaning, lubrication, maintenance, replacement. Bearing parts do a good job of lubrication, a direct impact on equipment life and operational efficiency. At the same time pay attention to the Raymond mill roller cover replacement, the bearing and bearing room to be cleaned in time, and to ensure proper clearance. When the Raymond mill roller wear ring more than 500 hours, to be replaced with new equipment.

Raymond mill in the downtime, be sure to unplug the power to ensure that the machine is not energized; Raymond mill jam, to power off after the maintenance view; in the shutdown, to ensure that Raymond Mill Dump machine idling for a minute to ensure that there is no material inside the machine to ensure smooth operation of the next machine. Under normal circumstances, Raymond mill bearing chamber temperature not higher than 70 degrees, once the bearing temperature is too high to immediately stop checking and eliminate.

Slag is the slag and coarse ash discharged from the bottom of coal-fired boilers, such as blast furnace slag, slag discharged from steel smelting pig iron, and slag discharged from the boiler can be called slag, and casual waste will cause certain Environmental pollution, then how to use it again? Can I use the mill to process the slag?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, slag re-processing has now been more re-use of the enterprise, and has its own exclusive market. Slag to be efficient use, re-processing, slag mill is an indispensable equipment. The slag is pulverized by a mill to give it its value and is easy to transport and store. At present, the mill on the market processing slag Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, over-pressure trapezoidal grinding and slag grinding and so on. According to the specific needs of the slag to be processed different, you can choose different types of mill equipment.

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Diabase is a limestone raw material, in accession to lime; Diabase is aswell rock bulb mining as allotment of the adhesive with the stone, sand, becomes a call for housing. In addition, diabase is mainly acclimated for river pebbles, pebbles, granite, limestone, marble, bluestone and added harder rock crushing, broadly acclimated in highways, accelerated railway, rural roads, architecture beach and added field, is ideal as architecture materials. In the acreage of diabase processing, diabase Raymond Mill is accepted and is the capital milling apparatus for processing diabase.

As a crumb accessories accomplishment expert, Guilin Hong Cheng actualize a lot of accomplished assembly cases in diabase, calcium carbonate, calcite, limestone and added industries for the customer's milling project. Hong Cheng diabase Raymond Mill covers a amount of patented technologies, the achievement indicators accept abundantly improved, accomplished airiness can be adapted amid 80-400 mesh, the achievement is 30-40% college than the acceptable R-type machine, the assemblage activity burning bargain about 30%, is diabase able milling and processing ideal equipment. According to the assembly needs of altered industries, Hong Cheng can advance acceptable assembly band solutions, at the aforementioned time, to accord added cost-effective diabase Raymond Mill prices for your diabase processing project.

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Raymond Mill is the need to assemble to use, because it has a lot of components, so generally need to mine manufacturers to send technical personnel to the site to guide the installation and commissioning, in this process there are a lot of attention to the place, Otherwise it is not suitable for the installation of the machine, or after the installation of the machine used in the process of this or that problem. So be sure to ensure that this point in order to assemble the machine in place. Generally need to pay attention to the pipeline connection must be completely sealed, the basis of the time to be sure to check the size of the rigorous, can not be installed in the host when the size of the wrong situation. Also in the test machine must first let the machine idle after about 10 minutes, so inside the screws are tight again, and then start adding material grinding.
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Everyone in the use of raymond mill, certainly know to maintain the grinding ring, roller, blade, and these materials directly contact with the wearing parts, usually ignore other factors, the use of mill friends know, the voltage The use of equipment is also affected, then the mine work when the voltage instability will be how? What's wrong? Let's take a look at it.

What happens when it works when the voltage is unstable? What's wrong?

When we use Raymond Mill, the voltage suddenly affects the production and is very easy to burn the motor! This point we must pay attention, do not ignore the impact of voltage on the equipment.

First, it is mainly at work with a constant voltage to drive the roller to continue to rotate, and repeatedly squeeze the grinding ring to grind the material, the final powder out of the material will be evenly finely, if the voltage Suddenly large and small, will affect the finished product size, resulting in rework phenomenon;

Second, the voltage instability, will lead to blower wind pressure when large and small, resulting in grinding chamber pressure instability, the voltage becomes smaller when the mill pressure will become smaller, in which case the grinding material will not be easy to send To the analysis machine, resulting in a large number of grinding room accumulation of materials, causing ventilation pipe blockage;

What conditions will lead to raymond mill voltage instability

First, the power cord contact bad (transformers, wattens, circuit breakers, sockets and other parts of the joints);

Second, the output power is unstable, resulting in voltage instability;

Third, the power supply zero line resistance is too large, poor contact;

Fourth, the equipment itself: mechanical part of the transport is not flexible, there are plugs caused by functional instability, causing current changes, voltage instability;

What happens when the voltage is unstable when the Raymond Mill is working? What's wrong? Now we all know it, if you encounter voltage instability, be sure to carefully check the line is the reason for the equipment or equipment to find out the reasons for the deal. In addition, we can also use some regulators to regulate the voltage to ensure safe and safe production of voltage.

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