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Many advocacy works are inseparable printing in life. With the improvement of quality of printing requirements are also rising, these printed promotional role played by more and more attention. In professional web design printing platform change image network printing requirements, In order to win customer satisfaction, We need to pay attention to the following issues: First, overprint accurate; Second, the ink evenly; Third, the outlets full; Fourth, the ink-water balance; Five, printed materials without printing faults such as smearing, scuffing, flower version, paste version and so on; Sixth, we must strictly faithful to the original and so on.

But when businesses pay attention to these print quality, but also should be noted that the printing quality of these print ads to increase, often still require professional design techniques fit. Some of the problems that appear in design will not only bring about the difficulty printing, but also eventually affect the business propaganda in mind. Professional designers have some printed knowledge, we will try to avoid difficult to reflect in printing design.

First, avoid unprofessional design. Many novice designers work appears excessive multicolor fine lines, small characters thoroughly white, the color of the type and mode are often wrong. For the printing agencies, this unprofessional design work is difficult to print out the desired effect. So an important service content change image network is to provide users with the most professional design services, for user-defined templates and other professional changes, to ensure the printing effect without distortion, so that customer satisfaction.

Second, pay attention to the effect of gray balance. To achieve the effect of neutral gray eyes of the audience is not easy, it is necessary in certain printability; yellow, magenta, cyan primary colors from light to dark version of a certain outlets ratio combining trapping get different brightness achromatic. For print use amount of ink, paper, full version concentration, dot area, trapping and screen lines and overlay accuracy of the machine and operator skill levels are very high demand. There is demand for this type of design also need to use print such as change image network this type of professional printing platform to complete all requirements can be taken into account.

Third, the 4-color wheeling and 3-color wheeling full version colors do not print (recommended using spot color printing).

Fourth, C = 50M = 50Y = 50K = 50 large flat mesh mesh, there is a little bit not allowed to cast serious.

Fifth, the black base of professional practice is to use the characteristics of the ink or printed twice, the cost will increase, in the design can also avoid use if not necessary.

Sixth, in the design process to pay attention to the color of the text processing, text overlay to ensure the successful completion of the work, it will be very prone to problems in printing.

In addition, printing is generally full version of things, spot color full version or the larger area, anti-white, the same flag, as well as the same color, generally difficult with color, prone to chromatic aberration, ghosting, smearing, draw injured phenomenon, also need attention. There are like dark brown, coffee, dark green (flat screen containing blue 70), dark blue, purple blue colors, etc. Due to the difference in the printing machine is not easy to find a balance, so it is difficult to print color, also concerned about it in the design, such as the necessity of having used must meet the height requirements of printing technology.

China PrintingMasters Co. Ltd. is a China printing company more than 20 years working experiences. Due to competitive prices and high quality eco-friendly material, our products gain very good reputation among the customers at home and board. It offered high quality printing service, including book printing, catalogue printing, magazine printing, booklet printing, brochure printing, notebook, color paper boxes, cards, tags, paper bags, non-woven bags, calendar, posters, gift boxes, file folders, etc.

Due to competitive prices and satisfactory services, our products gain very good reputation among the customers at home and abroad. Now we would like to develop more worldwide business relationships. We will try our most efforts to supply the best quality and service if we have the opportunity to work for you. We wish to establish good cooperation relationships and develop together with you.

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In the process of book printing quality of lamination, the easiest to appear the quality problem of the lamination of products is glued rickety, easy to fall off; it will directly affect the sequence effect of product use effect and after life. To solve this problem, we need to combine considered printing ink, printing process, lamination process and so on.

About printing ink

When lamination, the white ink pigment particles in the surface of ink can hinder the adhesives and influence the adhesives on the surface of the printing ink The aluminum hydroxide in the oil is easy to form the isolation layer, blocking the interaction between the adhesives and the ink layer, causing the foaming or adhesion to be untrue; The light slurry has good effect on the coating effect, and its composition is similar to the adhesive properties. Therefore, when adding ink diluent, we should combine the laminate effect of the product for comprehensive consideration.

In addition, the particle degree of ink also affects the effect of lamination. The granule passes through big, can affect the lamination effect of the film and the printing surface, easy to appear bubbling, then the cement is not real. Especially gold and silver ink, due to the metallic pigment particles in dry ink to separate, hinder the combination of ink layer and adhesives, so using gold and silver ink printing product is not suitable for lamination.

About printing process

The book printing before laminated need to finishing by printing. After drying of the surface layer of ink performance will influence effect of lamination, and on the premise of appropriate use of ink, printing format, ink layer thickness, drying effect factors can cause laminating adhesive. If the printing format is too large (or using field printing), makes the paper surface to reduce the contact area and adhesives, intensifying declining print surface bonding effect with adhesives, the effect of the quality of the product and service life.

If the printing ink layer is too thick, the resistance to adhesive can be aggravated, which will directly cause the delamination, which can not be cemented. Comparing all kinds of printing ink layer characteristics, offset printing quality ink layer thickness, the lowest for 1 ~ 2 microns, so offset printing will better, laminating and attention should be paid to control color printing overprint effect and print the ink layer thickness.

Similarly, the undrying ink will cause lamination to expand and elongate, causing the laminating products to bubble, the film glued rickety. The key to solve this problem is to ensure that the ink completely dry before laminating, can adopt the way of auxiliary drying speed up production, but try to minimize the use of ink adjuvant.

Lamination process

1. The drying effect of adhesive

Adhesive to dry ink drying effect and the print surface situation is similar to impact on the quality of laminating machine, if the solvent is not dry completely, makes the film stretching, produce bubbles, then cause glued rickety.

2. The bonding effect of adhesive

The binding effect of adhesive is mainly considered in two aspects. Is the performance of adhesive laminating, requires both adhesive evenly on the surface of lamination, the effect is good, and according to the printing quality of the surface features and structure control adhesives thickness: the thickness too thin, can reduce the adhesion strength of the adhesive; Thick thickness can affect the drying rate. The second is the compound temperature, which can affect the molecular energy and molecular force of the adhesive. When the molecular force is over an hour, the adhesive force of the coated product is too small. In addition, composite temperature is too high, and can cause damage to membrane structure, general requirements composite temperature control in 70 ~ 90 .


3. Effect of covering pressure

The effect of laminating pressure is influenced by two factors: compound pressure and membrane speed. Compound pressure can promote the penetration and diffusion of adhesive, and its size should be considered in combination with coated material and other process. Membrane speed is also a multi-impact parameter. Its size can affect the coating thickness and drying speed of adhesive, and it needs to be adjusted in combination with other factors.

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Do you understand the paper bag printing? Do you know the paper bag china printing production process? If you still feel trouble can not find perfect printing china company, Do not worry, China Seven Color Group xuancai printing company to help you busy!

Paper Bag printing production process: 

1 Paper stock: 157 grams to 400 grams of coated paper, white card, duplex white, kraft, gold aluminum foil, silver foil paper, specialty paper and other paper.

2 bag Printing color: one to four colors (colors according to the customer's request).

3 Handbags craftsmanship: (varnishing)、(matt coated)、(frosted)、(UV varnishing)、(glossy lamination)、(matt lamnination)、(gold/silver stamping)/ (embossing)、(spot-UV)

4, handbag rope: PP rope, cotton rope, polyester rope, polypropylene knitting, woven rope, three strand rope, eight strand rope.

5, bag printing Quantity: moq:500. 3000-10000 bag printing quantity price is the most cost-effective, (the number of prints is more the more cost-effective.)

6, handbag design: the design of the bag, printed color design with!

 China paper bag printing company China Seven Color Group Xuancai Print, We are the most professional bag printing company! Handbags are widely used in the exhibition show, shopping malls, as well as a variety of market liquidity, the kind of information conveyed to the majority of consumers, a beautifully designed, excellent creative, accurate positioning, well-made handbags help establish a corporate image and increase brand awareness of the product.

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China Seven Color Printing Group is a chinese printing factoryfor more than 30years. Our company main specialized in book printing china, catalog printing china, magazine printing,brochure printing, hardcover book printing, children book printing,paper bag printing, paper box printing. While book printing especially for hardcover book printing is our company big advantages products.


In my company there are more than 30 warmly sales who can reply you questions at fastest time, and our quote will be give you most competitive price fastly. If you are new on how to select book material or binding way, our sales will try to give you best China book printing solutions for your job. Our China Seven Color Printing Group aim to build long term business with every one.


Before your place mass production, we will send a free sample free shipping via DHL for you confirm quality firstly, once you said okay then we start to arrange mass print. We will make sure you can get satisfied book material and binding way and colors of your book. We do business with global countries for more than 10years, our production standard are EU standard, never poor or bad quality material, all passed the FSC certificated eco-friendly material. I believe once you try one time then know what is quality we do.


Finally our package way is green wooden pallet to make sure you can get books without any damages, meanwhile our ship agent service is fast and also cheap.


Welcome dear clients come to our factory for visitation, all our machines are most advanced and almost all for books. We are largest China book printing factory among guangdong province china. We will never let you down.

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