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The construction waste in most cities in our country is greatly increased due to the construction of new buildings, renovation, expansion and renovation. The siege of construction waste has become an urgent problem to be solved in urban development. However, the traditional landfill piling and other treatment methods not only failed to resolve the crisis, "Crazy Scrapyard" is let it intensified, the construction rubble tomorrow where exactly?

Zuotian Chao, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the CPPCC Guizhou Provincial Committee, once said that construction rubbish is a "city mineral deposit" and can be turned into "green energy" through resource utilization. If China produces 3.5 billion tons of construction waste every year, it can save 3 billion tons of natural gravel, save about 800,000 mu of used soil and landfill land, and produce about 1 trillion standard bricks for non-burning wall and floor materials.

In order to meet the needs of urban modernization, urban construction waste turning waste into treasure, I produced Portable crusher plant can be broken into several different sizes and rules of construction waste recycling aggregate, is to achieve China's construction waste resources The basis of the project of recycling.


As we all know, handling gravel aggregate is a complicated project. Basically, this is done using machinery. Now that we are using Portable crusher plant has become our choice.

1, the current mobile crushing station from the practical point of view, as much as possible to eliminate the crushing site, the environment to bring the obstacles of crushing operations, to provide efficient and low cost operation.

2, fully integrated crushing equipment, screening equipment and transportation equipment and other equipment arranged in one or more vehicles, to achieve highly integrated and integrated production lines and improve efficiency.

3, mobile crushing station can solve the long-distance construction of concrete works in the remote parts of the construction, raw materials transported from the origin to the construction site to increase the cost of transportation.

Mobile crushing station system is mobile, the design of each device not only to meet the production capacity, but also as compact as possible to meet the layout requirements, can be effective screening of stone warehousing, remove the mud and organic matter in the stone, increasing the system Productivity increases aggregate quality.


With the rapid development of the domestic construction industry, a large amount of construction waste is generated in the process of construction. The effective utilization of regenerated urban construction waste is the best solution to construction waste and an inevitable trend in the future.

Portable crusher plant and stone production line can turn construction waste into reworkable aggregates. With mobile brick making machines, construction waste can be turned into on-site and even some construction waste can be processed through stone lines and reconstituted Sand used in construction, in line with pavement construction with stones, stones and so on.

The mobile crushing plant processes the concrete blocks, waste bricks, mortar, and slag in the garbage at the site of construction rubbish. According to the construction requirements, it can be crushed to obtain reusable aggregate and a small amount of reinforcing steel. The coarse aggregate is used as the crushed stone Directly used for foundation reinforcement, the road cushion, indoor floor mat.

Fine aggregates can be made of hollow brick, solid brick, square brick and building waste concrete brick and other environmentally friendly bricks. Mobile crushing plant direct processing of construction waste directly "composite brick" has good anti-seepage characteristics, and brick thermal resistance than the relevant standards 50% higher than the thermal insulation performance than the sintered brick, the compressive strength than the sintering Brick high 30%, bulk density, thermal performance and many other indicators are better than ordinary clay brick, can meet the national standard.

Surface soil and many other materials. Separate viscous aggregate aggregate. Construction and blasting industry. Broken screening. Quarrying industry. Is widely used in mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthworks, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations.


Portable crusher plants need regular inspections, which is what we have to do to eliminate the failure of the machine, the timely detection of the internal parts of the equipment for damage, and then promptly resolved, then this series of treatment points are there? ? We are not as easy to understand together under the hope that your future operations can help.1, the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, nose, tail and other parts of the coupling must be complete, intact, tight. Reducer, hydraulic shaft should be no oil, oil spills, the amount of oil to be appropriate.2, Portable crusher plant signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to boot, spray sprinkler to ensure good.3, the power cable, the operating line must be neat, no extrusion phenomenon.4, Portable crusher plant debris near the head and motor, reducer coal dust must be cleaned.5, Its face conveyor scraper conveyor head and reprint machine tail lap to be appropriate.6, scraper chain is critical, scraper and screw must be fully tightened.7, reprinting machine walking car must be stable and reliable.8, reproduced in some cases under the bridge machine body boot, the operation of the components should be no abnormal sound, scraper, chain, connecting ring should be no twist, twist twist, bending deformation.9, Portable crusher plant at the roadway support must be intact, solid.10, its safety protection network and protection devices, to ensure that no deformation is not valid, safe and reliable.The above is the detection and processing of Portable crusher plant, the basic points are also listed, hoping to be able to play a role in the future for everyone in the future, then the specific needs special attention.


Routine maintenance: The equipment should be lubricated as required. Small and medium-sized equipment is lubricated regularly with greases and lubricants. Large equipment, if the use of cone and large jaw crusher, the general forced lubrication system. At this time, should always observe the oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters. Tighten loose fasteners.

Equipment in operation, we should always pay attention to equipment noise and vibration conditions, in the event of excessive noise or vibration, the shutdown should be promptly checked. After troubleshooting, you should start the no-load restart.

Equipment operation, but also pay attention to observe the product quality, yield, when the quality and productivity is not normal, there may be crusher, sieve or sieve breakage damage and other failures.

Maintenance: In order to maintain good performance of the equipment, in addition to the normal maintenance, the equipment should be minor repairs, repair and overhaul.

Portable crusher plant and screening equipment maintenance plan is in accordance with the various parts of the mechanical inspection requirements put forward. Due to the mechanical maintenance plan vary, when conditions permit, some of the machinery can be replaced for maintenance. This will reduce downtime maintenance, improve equipment utilization.


In recent years, natural catastrophes have taken place frequently and the weather is not disturbed, warning people that China is now one of the most affected countries in the world and weather changes have become one of the biggest factors in China's economic development. Low carbon is not so much a new topic as it is a topic we are concerned about for a long time. Low carbon is not so much a problem our country faces as it is a global issue; To say that it is a detailed technical topic is better to say that it is a topic of "grand narrative" that relates to the mode of development. This is not only a topic that concerns both "people's livelihood" and "national statistics." "In recent years we have always exaggerated the" green "and" green ". In essence, we are talking about low-carbon.

To this end, SBM machines have invested heavily in introducing advanced technologies from well-known countries such as the Netherlands and the United States. R & D has created a new type of construction waste disposal equipment - Portable crusher plant, including crawler-type Portable crusher plants and tire-type crushing plants. Generators and electrical ideas combined application, touch screen control, safe and convenient, is the best processing and recycling of construction waste recycling equipment.

It is reported that China produces about 300 million tons of construction waste every year, and the huge amount of construction waste occupies a large amount of land and pollutes the environment severely. The entire production line with a full block design, production line equipped with dust removal equipment and the realization of fully automatic computer control, touch-screen control. Two sessions "of the government work put forward to lay the fight tough battle and protracted war energy-saving emission reduction.Really truly provide customers with simple, efficient and cost-effective project operations hardware measures.


Construction of waste recycling, the first thing that needs is crushing and screening, Portable crusher plant of the mechanized high strength, reasonable structure, the domestic cement industry has begun to gradually reduce construction waste, recycling. Today's top priority is to conserve natural resources and protect the production environment, which is of high economic value. Cement equipment is the "manufacturing star."

The mobile crushing plant can successfully crush any material to the desired particle size. With the Portable crusher plant of high-intensity work. Bearings are the primary part of the job, so many users can not understand why it is due to overheating bearings.

When the mobile crushing plant bearing temperature is too high, it is possible that the crusher belt too tight, the belt can be properly adjusted elastic. Second, check whether the lubricating oil in the cavity is enough, if the amount of oil is not enough, you can clean it first and add the lubricating oil. Check if the oil hole is clogged with foreign material such as dust. Lead to join the lubricating oil can not enter the need to lubricate the site. It can also cause the bearing temperature to rise. Finally, check the bearing cap and bearing tightness, too tight or too loose will affect the operation of equipment.


When we use the Portable Crusher Plant, we must check it from many aspects, do a good job in advance to prevent the work in order to greatly improve its efficiency.

Move the crusher overload will mean that the machine itself is a serious injury, this is a warning, to remind us to always check it and maintenance, the load situation, the timely processing, do not drag, drag the longer the problem Will be more serious, for the equipment itself will have a great impact, then we come to understand the next, it can not load the reason.

The basic characteristics of the moving crusher load are uneven impact loads. In the case of belt drives, the impact load also has a significant effect on the motor, pulley and pulley, resulting in motor overcurrent, heat, belt and pulley wear The Its overload on the one hand will increase the cost of equipment accessories increased, but also increase the equipment failure time, reduce equipment life, which for large equipment, the loss is huge.

Therefore, it is necessary to overload the motor of the moving crusher, and we can add a hydraulic coupler between the motor and the pulley of the crusher, which has a strong overload protection capability.


Portable crusher plant (also known as mobile crushing station) successfully completed the construction of China's mobile crushing industry a blank, I plant the production of mobile crushing station is in conjunction with similar domestic Portable crusher plant equipment on the basis of adding my company's advanced design Production, production of a new, efficient, energy-saving Portable crusher plant, which has a number of technology access to national patents, equipment exports to Russia, Kazakhstan, outside Mongolia, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Canada and other countries and regions.

Portable crusher plant using car chassis, in the design of the time, the body chassis width is less than the operation of semi-trailer, in the turn when the radius is small, very easy to ordinary road driving, more suitable for harsh stone and mine scene, more conducive to In the foreign public (iron) road and mining, stone crushing and other construction projects.

Crusher Portable crusher plant, the equipment configuration is mainly jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent broken product quality, with a lightweight and reasonable structural design, excellent crushing performance. Coarse crushing Portable crusher plant can be the first broken crushed stone, greatly reducing the stone broken intermediate links, and can achieve the work at any time to easily adjust the purpose of the station, greatly ensuring the equipment for the material and the material Are able to be in the best economic location of the venue, reducing the input of equipment, effectively reducing the cost of equipment.

Mobile crushing station is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials often need to relocate the operation, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects such as the operation of the stone, the real customers to create more new Business opportunities and lower production costs.