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Ore milling equipment grinding operations are carried out in simplified Ore milling equipment, the barrel is filled with grinding media. Grinding media with the rotation of the Ore milling equipment cylinder was brought to a certain height, due to the weight of the media and falling, installed in the cylinder of the ore by the impact of the media; the other hand, grinding media in the cylinder Along the axis of the cylinder revolution and rotation between the grinding media and its contact with the cylinder and the resulting ore extrusion and grinding force, so that the ore grinding.

Due to the friction between the Ore milling equipment Ore milling equipment and the Ore milling equipment barrel, when the barrel rotates, the ball is brought up and rises to a certain height. Due to the gravity of the ball itself, the ball finally falls along a certain track. Balls in the area (the steel balls are carried) are subject to two kinds of forces: one is the force applied to the steel ball in the direction of the tangential line when the cylinder rotates, and the other is a steel ball that is diametrically opposite to the steel ball Forces of opposite forces, this force is due to the weight of the ball itself and caused by sliding down.

Therefore, the above two forces, for any one ball will form a couple. And because the Ore milling equipment ball is squeezed in the middle of the cylinder and the adjacent ball, so even between the ball will have different sizes of friction between the ball resistance, so each layer of steel ball with the cylinder axis for Orbital movement (of course, the layers of the ball does not have the same rate with the cylinder, while the layers of steel ball revolution speed is not the same). In the area from falling on the fall ball, so in the area of ​​ore within the cylinder strong impact crushing effect. Due to the impact of falling steel ball, resulting in the region of the ball has a very strong and disorderly movement.

These include:

(1) a strong rolling of the ball above the dotted line;

(2) rapid movement of the ball along the point line;

(3) the ball below the dotted line with the mill barrel rapid movement;

(4) Each layer of steel ball impact between each other.

It can be seen that the area is the place where grinding is the most intense. Most of the coarse ore is ground here.

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SBM ore milling equipment widely used in cement, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics and other production industries, all kinds of ores and other grindable materials dry or wet grinding, mining industry grinding operations The first choice.

The reason why the Ore milling equipment works well is mainly due to the fact that the ball inside the ore milling equipment works well and the ore milling equipment does not work well once the sticking phenomenon occurs. The author consulted SBM machine experts on this issue, so that experts talk about when the ore milling equipment sticky phenomenon how to solve?

1, analysis of changes in the nature of ore, to the amount of ore, water supply, back to the amount of sand, overflow particle size is normal.

2, add a reasonable grinding media. If the amount of medium loaded in the mill is insufficient, additional large size grinding media should be added;

3, to strengthen the dust collection negative pressure wind, add some grinding aids, the other depends on the slurry you want to get the proportion, viscosity, residue and other parameters, if the request of a higher proportion, there will be sticky mill, which can be through the appropriate Solvent and the ratio to increase the efficiency of the ore milling equipment, if the viscosity of the slurry is not high, in order to increase the ratio, but not completely sticky mill is not easy, depending on your weight that water requirements.

4, to reduce the amount of mill to the mine or stop short-term to the mine. Reduce the workload of the ore milling equipment to reduce the amount of ore mined through;

5, adjust the water consumption. Mill concentration must be strictly controlled, too large or too small will have a negative impact. Concentration is too high, the slurry slowed down, while the impact of grinding media weakened, overflow type ore milling equipment, the ore size becomes coarse, while the lattice ore milling equipment may appear "bloating" phenomenon.

Solve the ore milling equipment sticky phenomenon can ensure the ore milling equipment ball inside the good operation, the equipment efficient and rapid completion of production targets. If you have any other questions about ore milling equipment, please feel free to call SBM machine, there will be more professionals to provide you with the most satisfactory solution.


How to use the ball mill to control the grinding fineness? Ore Milling Equipment fineness is one of the many factors that affect the ore dressing index. The size of the grinding fineness directly affects the grade of concentrate and the recovery rate of the product, which can directly reduce the beneficiation cost and improve the economic benefit of the plant. How do we carry out proper dressing? As far as possible the choice of ore size uniform, massive, powder ore ratio is reasonable. What if the ball mill is on a sieve? Most of the leakage is the case of powder ore, this part of the ore leakage must be added to the ball mill as soon as possible, if the long stacking, will cause the ball mill to ore uneven, causing production instability.

How does the Ore Milling Equipment refine the coal mine? SBM recommends that, according to the requirements of grinding fineness, appropriate to adjust the level of the weir of the grading machine, if the requirements of grinding fineness thinner, can be welded on both sides of the grading machine at a certain height of angle iron, To adjust the grading machine weir level.

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Grinding operations, the mineral material to the mill after a grinding run out, known as open grinding. Crushing equipment Since the Ore Milling Equipment itself has no ability to control the particle size, so the grinder in the mine both qualified grain, but also unqualified coarse or even coarse. Therefore, the ball mill is not suitable for open grinding. The rod mill is different, and the coarse pieces present between the rods will be preferentially broken, and the upward movement of the rods is like a number of grid sieves. , Bar mill with a certain ability to control the size, so the grinding machine can open grinding. Closed-circuit grinding: As the ball mill itself does not control the granularity of the ability, crushing equipment circular vibrating screen only by the mill outside the grading machine to control the particle size, mill ore drain into the grading machine. Qualified fine-grained removal of the grinding grading cycle, unqualified coarse or coarse pieces returned to the mill again grinding, known as closed-circuit grinding. Therefore, closed-circuit grinding unqualified coarse particles not only through the mill once, must always be ground until the qualified group was discharged. Almost all of the grinding machine must be closed-circuit grinding, rod mill can open grinding, can also be closed-circuit grinding. Open grinding and closed-circuit grinding comparison: The work of the mill is divided into open and closed two. The closed-circuit work, but also divided into closed and semi-closed (or partial closed circuit). Open grinding, at this time by the grinding material only through the mill once. Fully closed grinding. At this time the mill is discharged by the grading machine is divided into fine Xinjiang and coarse to the sand, broken equipment back to the sand all the Ore Milling Equipment and then grinding. Grading machine back to the sand only part of the original mill to re-grinding, the other part of the next paragraph to the mill, it is a partial closed circuit. There are three types of grading machines in the grinding cycle. Jaw crusher is a pre-grading role; grading machine in the grading machine 1 and open-circuit grinding grading machine 1 and 2, are check grading; closed-circuit grinding grading machine, both pre-grading, and check The role of grading. The classifier 2 plays a role in the classification of the flow control, which reclassifies the feed streamer of the classifier 1, separates the chargers therein, and breaks the equipment to obtain finer and more finished products.
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The purpose of Ore Milling Equipment is mainly two, one purpose is to mill the ore in the Ore Milling Equipment, so that useful minerals and gangue, useful minerals and useful minerals to achieve monomer dissociation. The so-called monomer dissociation, that is, useful minerals do not contain gangue, gangue does not contain minerals, otherwise known as even the body. The existence of the mineralization process will be a serious shadow of the effect of ores, if even the body into the concentrate will reduce the grade of concentrate, if the tailings will affect the recovery rate, multi-metal mineral even in addition to the impact of concentrate grade and recovery Rate, but also cause each other, and some even become harmful impurities, for the smelting difficulties, we can see that monomer dissociation is an important condition to obtain a single quality concentrate. Another purpose is that most of the beneficiation is water-based wet dressing, wet Ore Milling Equipment at the same time for the next step in the preparation of the appropriate concentration of the preparation of the pulp, in order to achieve the above objectives in the Ore Milling Equipment process also need to Ore Milling Equipment to join the ball, rods and other Ore Milling Equipment media.
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In the mineral processing industry, mine ball mill is widely used in metal and non-metallic mining, building materials and other departments grinding a variety of ore or rock. Mine ball mill cylinder diameter of 900 ~ 2100mm, the main bearing with spherical tile bearings, cylinder diameter of more than 2700mm is used completely closed from the bit ...

In the mineral processing industry, Ore Milling Equipment is widely used in metal and non-metallic mining, building materials and other departments grinding a variety of ore or rock. Mine ball mill cylinder diameter of 900 ~ 2100mm, the main bearing with spherical tile bearings, the cylinder diameter of more than 2700mm is a fully enclosed self-aligning heart, 120 & deg; rocker type bearings, using high lead low low hardness bar Of the alloy, which buried under the water cooling water pipe, bearing with static pressure structure, the use of high and low pressure joint station lubrication. The main bearing and the outside of the seal with a piston ring, with rubber and grease to achieve a good seal, mine ball mill in the structure using a large gear radial seal and automatic spray lubrication and other new technologies.

Mine ball mill with a slow drive device can make the host to obtain 0.15r / min speed, for the car, maintenance or loose load, with the top of the device for the maintenance of the top of the swing with the Department.

The main body of the Ore Milling Equipment is a simple low-speed rotation mounted on two large bearings. Mine ball mill by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gear deceleration drive, or by the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the peripheral gear reduction drive, drive the rotation of the rotation. Inside the cylinder is equipped with a suitable grinding medium & mdash; steel ball. Grinding media in the centrifugal force and the role of friction, was raised to a certain height, was falling or flaking state fall. The material to be ground is continuously fed into the interior from the feed port, which is pulverized by the moving grinding media and discharged from the machine by means of the power of the overflow and continuous feeding to carry out the next process.

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