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Gold ore We all know that has a high value, can be used as a decorative material, but because of the greater hardness of quartz, if you want to process it, it must use an efficient crusher to crush, and according to us The survey found that the market efficiency of crusher machine crusher jaw effect is remarkable, and for a variety of hardness of the ore processing are very strong, so the selection of high-performance quartz crusher crusher jaw effect is better, is a gold ore crusher weapon.

SBM machine is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment manufacturers, a wide range of crusher production, model complete, in particular, the production of high efficiency crusher machine in the gold ore crushing processing more widely used, it is important that the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, and the same The type of device also has its own unique performance advantages.

1, Efficient crusher machine crusher advanced theory, crushed gold ore size uniformity, and compression and wear resistance, and improve the production and application of gold ore range.

2, My company is strong, large-scale, according to different gold ore production site for its tailor-made high-efficient machine to ensure that every user satisfaction, you can quickly earn investment costs.

3, SBM machine E Cracker simple structure, friction between parts is small, and the convergence is in place, the quality is more guaranteed, more safe and reliable operation, the operation is more stable.

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Because of the two crushing chambers, the dual-chamber gold ore crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and strong adaptability to technology. It is widely used in the crushing operation with the compressive strength below 250 MPa.

The two crushing chambers of the crusher are symmetrically distributed around the eccentric shaft. The crushing force in the chamber is an important parameter that affects the crusher's production capacity. In this paper, the analysis of the variation of the crushing force in the crushing chamber can provide theoretical basis for the structural optimization design of the gold ore crusher.

The work of the two crushing chambers alternates in succession, that is, the crushing chambers are alternately crushed and discharged, and the process continues to reciprocate. So you can take full advantage of the motor energy, production capacity increased nearly 1 times, and the unit power has dropped significantly.

Activities of tooth plate movement so that the cross-sectional shape of the crushing chamber changes compression stroke occurs, the application of crushing force on the material to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. The analysis of the movement of the tooth plate shows that the movement of the upper and lower parts of the tooth plate is not synchronized, and in some intervals it is deviated. In some sections, the movable tooth plate can only exert the breaking force locally, and the rest does not apply the breaking force. In some sections, the material is only compressed and does not generate the breaking force. Broken stroke crushing force, crushing discharge does not produce crushing force, so in different regions of the size of crushing force is different.

In addition to the size of the crushing force and crushing cavity tooth plate movement, but also with the way the material is broken and the shape of the material particles. In the crusher, there are often two or more than two kinds of force, so the value of the crushing force is different. Such as gold ore crusher, due to the material in the tension state and broken, so the pull force is mainly broken force.

Through the above research on the variation of crushing force, it is of great reference significance for the reasonable determination of crushing force.

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Brief Introduction to the Structure of Complex Pendulum Jaw Crusher

The pendulum type gold ore crusher is a new crusher developed on the basis of the jaw crusher. Its structure is shown in Figure 1-4. The movable jaw with the lining is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft by rolling bearing. While the eccentric shaft is supported on the rolling bearing of the frame. The bottom of the moving jaw is supported by a thrust plate on the thrust plate seat located on the rear wall of the frame. The adjustment of the discharge port is to use the adjustment bolt to change the relative position of the wedge, so that the width of the discharge port can be adjusted. And the pendulum type jaw crusher, with a rod, spring and adjusting bolts composed of tensioning device. Driven by the motor pulley so that eccentric shaft rotation, moving jaw was driven with a complex swing, to achieve crushing material movements.

Complex pendulum jaw crushing application range

The pendulum jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure and outstanding advantages. It can break up nearly 1000 kinds of materials such as river pebbles, quartz stone, diabase, gypsum, coal, iron ore, copper ore, coke and construction waste, It is widely used in many fields such as building materials, construction, cement, water conservancy, highway, railway, coal mine, environmental protection, metallurgy and so on.

In short, the complex pendulum jaw crusher in the crusher industry has a high market position.

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gold ore crusher features a lot, the characteristics of the device as a manifestation of the advantages of the equipment for the production and application plays a decisive role, while the specific operation of the equipment and the use of equipment, the specific advantages of the customer is the customer The most concerned about the place, the following system for you to explain the characteristics and advantages of the following:

1, the device structure is novel, reasonable and compact

From the equipment chassis we can easily see the equipment structure of the equipment is very scientific, contemporary equipment towards the miniaturization and miniaturization of the direction, so the overall structure is very compact and reasonable, in order to make the equipment in the sales process has an absolute advantage and Dominant position, the appearance of the equipment is more innovative, this compound contemporary aesthetic equipment, is bound to have a great advantage in the sales market.

2, the material size uniform, delicate, refined

Equipment, the size of the material is the customer in the equipment purchase process to pay attention to the most and most intensive place, only the material size to meet the actual production needs of customers, customers of its recognition and satisfaction will be higher, hammer broken Machine in its design and manufacturing process, fully understand the point of the customer is of great significance, so we have done a detailed deployment for it, so the Red Star Group gold ore crusher in the material size can be completely To meet the maximum customer requirements.

3, the running state is stable, reliable and stable

Operation status is also a key performance indicators, only to ensure the reliability of the operating state, stability and stability, other advantages of the device can be effectively played out, so the operating status as a prerequisite for the production of the role is very large The Red Star Group operating conditions can meet customer requirements, because we use the best quality motor parts, excellent motor is to solve the operation of the equipment is the key, therefore, Red Star gold ore crusher running more scientific.

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With the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, black metallurgy, light industry and other mineral resources are increasingly depleted, a substantial increase in mining, building materials, road construction and other industries required for the rapid increase in crushing materials, which makes gold ore crusher The role of growing. Jaw crusher is a very widely used crushing device.

According to statistics, the national annual use in the crushing operation of the total power consumption in 2 × 109 or more, accounting for more than 50% of the total power consumption of the concentrator. So the design and production of energy efficient crusher is imperative. In order to reduce the energy consumption of jaw crusher crushed material, the structure of the jaw crusher needs to be improved and innovated to optimize its structure and trajectory. Specific measures such as improved crushing cavity type, now widely used in the deep crushing chamber and smaller bite angle, you can increase the crushing ratio of crusher and reduce the wear of crusher parts. Another example is to improve the moving jaw suspension and liner support, jaw plate with a new wear-resistant materials to reduce wear and tear.

Another example is to improve the automation level of the crusher, such as overload protection, automatic adjustment, automatic lubrication and so on to achieve the level of automation. In addition, the researchers also developed a lot of new models. Such as the development of domestic experts to design a dual-chamber jaw crusher, is a typical four-link structure of the new gold ore crusher. There are two crusts with an eccentric axis centered symmetrically. Moving jaw left and right sides have a movable tooth plate, and fixed tooth plate were composed of left and right crushing chamber. At work, the material is broken in two crushing chambers in turn and is continuously circulated. So that the broken particle size is small, the motor can also be fully utilized, greatly enhance the production capacity. The above measures can reduce the jaw crusher energy consumption, and a substantial increase in the production capacity of crusher, to achieve the purpose of saving efficiency.

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