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The mobile crushing plant brings both environmental and economic benefits to the construction waste crusher industry. To date, the growth rate of construction waste has not only been impressive, but also the annual production volume of urban construction waste is an alarming figure. If only the extensive landfill of construction waste, which not only takes up land, pollutes the environment, but also wastes the usability resources of the mobile crushing plant. The new mobile crushing plant developed by SBM Machinery not only manages construction waste well, it also brings economic benefits to the city.

So what is the economic benefit of construction waste? First of all, the composition of construction waste determines its basis for renewable resources. Furthermore, the research and development of mobile crushing plants in China has made construction waste a renewable building material and provided a safe backup safeguard. After the above comprehensive factors, creating the fact that construction waste is a treasure, after the mobile crusher garbage treatment station can generate renewable brick, green building materials and other infrastructure materials. If the cost of construction waste how low, then it produces the benefits of environmentally friendly building materials, how high. Of course, in order to make construction rubbish bring real benefits to people, we must first rely on the mobile crushing plant resource processing.


Nowadays, the process of urbanization in our country has entered a stage of rapid development. The massive renovation of urban villages has also prompted more and more high-rise buildings in the city to rise up. China's construction industry can be described as thriving, but the same day is the city facing the huge amount of construction waste generated every day.

According to reliable statistics, the construction waste crusher conforms to the product of recycling green economy, which can be effectively reflected by the professional crushing equipment, its recovery and economic and social double values. This specialized crushing plant, a SBM mechanical mobile crushing plant, can effectively crush construction waste. So what's wrong with these building rubbish crushing station after the treatment of construction waste, what is the recovery value?

The brunt of the construction waste recycled aggregate, which is reflected in the value of construction waste recycling one. As in the new round of construction, aggregate, concrete are all the necessary building materials. However, there is a shortage of these infrastructure materials in the market. The aggregates produced by the construction waste crushing plant can solve the raw materials needed in the new construction.

In addition, construction waste recycled brick, concrete, and some building high value-added products (such as thermal insulation materials, wall insulation around the wall, dry mortar), is also the main embodiment of the value of the construction waste recycling.

The construction rubbish crusher station disposes the construction rubbish not only to the rubbish pollutes the environment, takes up the vacant land to carry on the effective eradication, but also contributes to the new round of project construction on the market to supply the insufficient basic raw material, therefore the mobile crushing plant produces the economic value, the social benefit , Have had a great positive effect on the development of local cities.


To say that this year's BMW show the most eye-catching equipment, pp series mobile crushing plant is definitely among the best in the field can be seen in the pp series mobile crushing station SBM machinery exhibition stand in an endless stream of people, the scene On the big screen to play the work site video of this series of devices, from time to time you can hear the customer's amazing.

pp series of mobile crushing plant is one of the SBM mechanical construction waste crusher equipment, its research and development in-depth study of the shortcomings of the fixed crushing production line, combined with the characteristics of urban work, the use of mobile assembly technology, not only increased Production efficiency, but also further reduce footprint. Noise and dust pollution are also taken into account, through the loading of various types of equipment can achieve its effective reduction.

In the August CCTV "I Love Invention" program, this series of construction waste treatment equipment from the design and development to produce a detailed and detailed report focused on its ability in environmental regeneration.

At this Shanghai BMW show, its environmental performance is also an important factor that attracts many customers' eyes. With increasingly scarce resources, people's interest in recycling has risen sharply, and related equipment has also gone up, but the market's chaos is complicated But also to the procurement staff brought great trouble. SBMpp mobile crushing plant unveiled at this exhibition gives everyone a glimpse of the future, and the SBM brand deserves everyone's trust. Therefore, the SBMpp mobile construction waste treatment equipment can be even successful at the BMW Auto Show Reasonable.


Now more and more construction waste in life, we have not thought about how to deal with it?

As the process of urbanization speeds up, a high-rise building rises above the ground level and is truly magnificent. However, as the city becomes more and more beautiful, it has also brought great harm. The irrational use of construction waste is a major issue that we should solve now. Countries to promote low-carbon life, energy-saving emission reduction, sustainable development policy is vigorously implemented. So advocate people and government departments to pay great attention to, in order to better the environment of the city.

Energy conservation is to save energy, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions. Strengthen energy management and adopt measures that are technically feasible, economically reasonable and sustainable to the environment and society. In order to build a harmonious harmonious society, a resource-saving and environment-friendly society should be built to promote the structural adjustment of the economy. Should be a favorable resource - the rational use of construction waste in order to achieve the effect of energy-saving emission reduction.

Looking at the recovery rate of construction waste in various countries in the world, great efforts should be made in the construction waste crusher in our country. The pollution of construction waste in our country is still serious and in large quantity, and the residual construction waste has not been properly utilized. SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. mobile crushing plant specializing in the crushing of construction waste, to achieve the traditional "building materials → buildings → construction waste" to the "building materials → buildings → construction waste → renewable raw materials → new products," the new building materials Industrial chain and recycling economy, low-carbon economy production and operation mode change.


Most of the wastes in construction waste, if picked, removed or crushed, are mostly reutilized as renewable resources. Such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various scrap metal and other accessories, after sorting, centralized, re-return to the furnace, you can then manufacture a variety of steel processing, which can reduce mining efforts.

Waste bamboo can be used to make artificial wood, reduce the natural deforestation. Brick, stone, concrete and construction waste crusher can be replaced by sand for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used to make block, municipal road paving brick, square brick, Building materials and other products. Brick and tile can be reused after being cleaned up. Waste brick, tile and concrete can be graded and screened after being crushed and sieved. After being cleaned, they can be used as recycled aggregate to prepare low-grade recycled aggregate concrete for foundation reinforcement, road cushion, indoor floor And the floor cushion, non-load-bearing concrete hollow block, hollow concrete partition board or autoclaved fly ash brick. construction waste crusher can comprehensively utilize these construction wastes, then a lot of natural raw materials such as limestone, clay, gypsum and iron ore powder can be saved.

On the one hand, our country is at a crucial moment of vigorously developing circular economy, implementing independent innovation and promoting scientific development in an all-round way. On the other hand, as China's economy continues to develop steadily and the process of industrialization and urbanization accelerates, cities across the country have newly built, expanded and demolished It is bound to increase the amount of construction waste generated from the maintenance of buildings or structures. It is inevitable for cities to plan the contradiction between environmental protection and economic development, and to avoid the simple landfill of construction waste .

The comprehensive utilization of new construction waste planning, design and operation, the construction of the receiving field into a comprehensive utilization of construction waste industry base to reduce incremental construction waste, to further improve the comprehensive utilization of construction waste. The research and practice on industrialization of construction waste resources has realized the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, reduced the increment of construction waste, and further improved the comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste.


There are many ways to utilize construction rubbish. Various types of construction rubbish are processed into permeable bricks, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated components, road water stable layer, Dry mortar, RDF clean burning rods and other environmentally friendly building materials products, which will turn waste into rubble for construction waste, and ultimately achieve ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and many other win-win purposes. All of this can be achieved by building a consumer waste disposal plant. Click: Recycling of construction waste applications and related standards View details.

Construction and operation of a Construction waste crusher project, usually need to consider the following aspects:

1, investment Construction waste crusher plant what concessions? 2, how to declare construction waste project project? How to connect with the government?

3, the use of construction waste to build environmental protection brick factory to invest how much? 4, start a Construction waste crusher plant which equipment are needed?

5, how the construction waste recycling products docking with the local market? 6, in the end is a fixed or mobile Construction waste crusher equipment is good?


During the continuous development of urbanization, many villages in the cities have been demolished and faced with mountainous accumulation of construction waste. As well as the increase of construction waste has caused a great disturbance to people's life. Today's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and people are already aware of the importance of broken construction equipment.

Now, according to different topography, as well as the needs of different processing, after many tests and transformation, developed a high efficiency and energy-saving construction waste crusher. The emergence of construction waste crushing equipment to solve the problem of people's environmental pollution, as construction waste disposal equipment manufacturers, we Yuhong Heavy Industries has always been to green, renewable resources for the development goals, and constantly improve the technical capabilities of equipment, In order to comprehensively solve the environmental pollution caused by construction waste, the wind selection and magnetic separation of construction waste crushing equipment, it is necessary to effectively classify the plastic, light material and steel scrap in construction waste, which is beneficial for recycling .

Crushing station mainly includes primary crushing and secondary crushing, belt conveyor and other components, crushing at all levels are by an independent work unit, but also to fulfill their different responsibilities, tape conveyor is responsible for the broken The material in the transfer has been stacked. Construction waste crushing equipment of its own full range of specifications series, the choice of large room to meet the needs of users, with mobility, dust, noise, small footprint and several other features.

construction waste crusher has good performance and excellent quality, which is trustworthy for users and rich in product types, so that construction rubbish can be recycled after being disposed of by crushing equipment, and human resources and Cost issues, reduce construction costs, to achieve the recycling of waste resources.


At present, China's urban economic development speed and the development situation, those construction rubbish fully reasonable re-use can well alleviate the current situation of serious shortage of resources today. Due to the increasing amount of construction waste crusher, the living environment of our country has been greatly polluted and endangered. Therefore, the rational utilization of construction waste has become an important issue of concern to the environmental protection industry. However, Solve play a great role in promoting.

For the current situation of handling construction waste, the best and most economical processing equipment can be said that Zhengzhou SBM machinery production of mobile crushing plant equipment, the machinery and equipment manufacturers over the years has been committed to the construction waste, it can be said for the city All aspects of rubbish have their own rationalization details, and understanding of their interests. Therefore, Zhengzhou SBM mobile crushing plant equipment for the treatment of modern urban construction waste has a very large processing advantage.

The production of mobile crushing station can be used independently, according to the needs of different customers on the equipment flow in the material type and product production requirements to provide a more simple and flexible process configuration, to meet different users of mobile crushing and mobile screen Grading of the various forms of requirements, construction waste crusher generation organization. Logistics operations become more direct and effective, with a greater degree of cost reduction. And Zhengzhou SBM mechanical mobile crushing station after just strength optimization and production strengthening, so that its production strength higher, more superior performance, the structure is more compact, it can be said that mobile crushing plant is our SBM machinery and equipment industry leader, To our mining industry has brought greater vitality.


1, dust reduction measures - the source office

The first measure is mainly to take the dust reduction program should be based on prevention, through the entire construction waste crusher design and enhanced sealing to reduce the generation of dust from the source to reduce the spread of dust, for example, Conveyance of materials as much as possible to reduce the material gap, to strengthen the closed measures, this approach can reduce the mobile building debris crushing station may produce the amount of dust is conducive to the follow-up to reduce the dust load.

2, dust control measures - work

In the construction waste crushing plant operations, but also can be a good dust reduction measures, mainly in the handling of materials, unloading and material open dumps and other considerations wetting water to reduce dust, you can use efficient spraying device will be suspended dust As soon as possible to reduce, reduce pollution, to ensure water atomization effect, this approach can reduce dust, effectively curb dust in the windy weather problems, making the equipment can also reduce dust production.

3, dust removal measures - after work

After the construction rubbish crushing station smashes the construction rubbish, the final tail work of the rubbish crushing station also needs to be dedusted. It is suggested that the dust collecting be carried out by using the high-efficiency bag filter or the cyclone dust collector and the like, Dust particles reduced.


In recent years, with the continuous development of society, the continuous expansion of urbanization in our country almost every day in every city is faced with the demolition of buildings. However, the construction rubbish left behind by the demolished buildings and treated Is a headache thing, it not only affects the city's beauty, but also caused pollution to the environment.

In the construction waste turning treasure into the process, construction waste crusher equipment is the so-called hard-working. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, in the long-term operation, will encounter the inevitable breakdown of wearing parts, as well as parts on the replacement. Then the construction waste disposal equipment repair and replacement of wearing parts.

Crushing teeth and hammer pieces are consumable parts of construction waste treatment equipment, but also affect the crushing quality and productivity of the main components, crushing claws and hammer if wear phenomena need timely replacement. Before replacing the claw, you need to pull out the puck. Before pulling out, you need to open the round nut lock plate on the back of the puck. Unscrew the round nut with the configuration wrench and pull out the puck with a special razor.

Construction equipment to work after a certain period of time, need to be cleaned of its bearings. If the bearings are oil-lubricated, 1/3 of the bearing housings in the new engine oil should be fitted for a maximum of 1/2, and the cap oil cap must be tightened before operation. When the processing equipment bearing serious wear or damage, should be promptly replaced, and pay attention to enhance lubrication.

The screen also belongs to the consumable parts of the construction rubbish crusher, which is mainly made of the punched steel sheet or metal sheet. When the screen appears worn or foreign objects breakdown, if the damage is not large, you can use rivets or soldering methods to repair, if the area is large, you can replace the new screen. In the installation of the screen, you need to face the burr side of the mesh with the smooth side, the screen frame and the screen to fit closely.

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